Top 10 Strangest Cars Ever Made

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    The automotive world has given us many memorable cars, but there's a special place in history for unusual vehicles that never really caught on with consumers. Brace yourself and prepare to laugh out loud, as we explore the Top 10 Strangest Cars Ever Made.

    Ranging from outrageous concepts to extraordinary designs, this strange list proves not every car is a thing of beauty. While a few of these flops were total failures, others on the list may have helped inspire some of today's modern vehicle technology and showcased what "some people" believed would be the automotive future.

    10) Amphibian Motorcar
    9) Toyota Land Glider "Leaning Car"
    8) Locomotive Car
    7) Peel P50 "Tiny Car"
    6) UK Custom "Ugliest Car Ever"
    5) Thrust SSC
    4) Railton 'Mobil' Special
    3) Nissan Pivo 2 "Rotating Car"
    2) BMW Hydrogen Power Concept
    1) Custom VW Beetle "Wooden Car"

    Pics here:
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