Top 45 fastest road cars

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    Some of things on this list really is big *yaawwwnn!* like fore example the 42 Jehle Super Saphier having a topspeed of 400+ kph.
    Some other are simply big LOLs that they are onr the list.
  2. Haha, what a poorly researched list, a bunch of those aren't even real.
  3. 28 Ford GT90

    the GT90 prototype does 45 mph lol
  4. yeah when its idling
    you have no idea the true performance
  5. LOL at Jehle Super Saphier.
  6. Lol at the number 1
  7. lol the first page was so horrible that i didnt even dared going any further
  8. Looks like some high school project BS
  9. WTF did they rank them by? Top estimates?
  10. even the 1994 Dauer 962 L Mans Porsche is missing ;-)
  11. melling hellcat, perfect example of a man who got too big for his britches, promised the world a thrilling supercar, then quietly faded away only to be laughed at now.

    al Melling is a serious individual with serious history, I don't know why he had to go an embarrass himself for life by trying to make a supercar.
  12. number 4

  13. Was this list done by an 8 year old?
  14. Half of those are either not real, or were concepts that were never built.
  15. only half??

  16. i stumbled across this list long time ago and my first thought was "damn i am ignorant !!" and then after looking up some of it i discovered how stupid it is.

    And the best thing is its called fastest "ROAD" cars just look and that number 1 thing.
  17. did the 360 challenge make the cut ?
  18. LOL @ 37

    These lists are just picked from random expensive cars. Specs are completely irrelevant.

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