Top Gear filming in Botswana?

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    The BBC's motoring programme Top Gear has been accused of causing damage to a pristine wilderness in Botswana.

    Conservationists have accused the show, hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, of leaving scars across the Makgadikgadi salt pans by driving vehicles across them.

    They have said the tracks caused by the cars could remain for decades.

    A BBC spokeswoman said: "We employed several environmental experts who advised us on where we could and couldn't go."

    Bad example

    She added the BBC had "ensured that we never went near any conservation areas".

    Mary Rice of the Environmental Investigation Agency, which carries out conservation work in Botswana, said the BBC's example could lead hordes of "boy racers" to follow suit.

    Guide David Dugmore was quoted in the Observer newspaper: "The thing that worries me is the viewers and public that are going to go out to the lakes, and we will end up with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes up, with vehicles and quad bikes, which will absolutely spoil the place."

    Top Gear, which has a large audience in southern Africa, is often controversial because of what critics describe as its addiction to speed and risk.

    Last year, co-host Richard Hammond was seriously injured after he crashed while driving a jet-powered car at speeds up to 300mph at Elvington airfield, near York, last September.

    In 2004, the programme took a 4x4 vehicle up Ben Tongue mountain in Scotland, reportedly churning up heather and sensitive peat on the way, and causing substantial ecological damage. The programme denied the allegations.
  2. This seems to happen every single year.
  3. its a salt pan, nothing lives there.
  4. i wonder what silly things they're upto over there
  5. #$%#ing hippies.

    Yeah, "boy racers" are going to go racing on the salt plains now, because that's what people like to do. Mother#$%#ers. And the article ONCE AGAIN brings up the Hamster crash and the Land Rover test. Goddamn it, I want to punch somebody. What, has there been a massive increase of top-fuel dragster crashes and people driving their luxury SUVs offroad? No? Then STFU, geesh.
  6. I hate wowsers.
  7. i might go there, it isn't that far away from me.
  8. Someone shoot Mary Rice.
  9. Botswana = just outside S Africa. New to me though..
  10. yeah its only 9000km away!
  11. I'm no geologist or anything, but how much damageful can some tire tracks be on a salt pit? Talk about environment bullshit.
  12. The tracks remain for a LONG time. That said, nothing lives there anyway though.
  13. So when an animal decides to take a stroll on those flats they shoot them or something?
    O dear, just think of the footprints it would leave behind!
  14. im in mozambique. it's more like 900 km away <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  15. boo hoo
  16. you stole my post
  17. Haha, I love how they ruin shit/piss off people wherever they go. Top Gear #1
  18. oh well
  21. Clarkson should take advantage of the Africans.
  22. He's welcomed with open arms!
  23. huh? why are you there? youll get AIDS
  24. back to my roots!

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