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  1. who thinks the next car to beat the top is going to be Italian?
  2. I do not
  3. naw, probabl britishmake/german...
  4. my money is, if theyre tested, the Saleen S7TT or the Ultima GTR640

    because the current champ, the Zonda F has stats as follows

    Power-602 HP
    Torque-576 ftlb
    0-60 - 3.5s

    seems the S7 may very well dethrown it

    Torque - 700 ftlb
    0-60 - 2.8s

    sure its heavier but its acceleration figures are top notch

    but if they then test the Ultima, it would easily be the best

    Power - 640HP
    Torque - 560 ftlb
    WEIGHT - 950 kg
    0-60 - 2.7
    ----Also very good braking 0-100-0 in 9.8s makes it the fastest to date, took that record from the one and only Mclaren F1

    so the Ultima, although it has less torque, seems to pull quite well as seen with its 2.7s to 60, and its amazing braking and super light weight will almost certainly garuntee it as the fastest lap time, beating a car worth 5 times as much
  5. They should definitely test the S7TT, I'm not sure why they haven't. I'm going through top gear withdrawals too, this sucks.
  6. Ok?
  7. but didn�t they lose that track?
  8. Atually, the Ultima took the 0-100-0 record from the Mosler MT900 Photon which ran a 10.98 in motor trends "SPEEDING!" comparison in the june 2003 issue.

    the mclaren ran it in 11.5 sec
  9. could someone put in the dbr9/sea harrier/f1 car on the leaderboard
  10. TG won't get a Saleen or an Ultima in, especially not the Saleen.

    And the Veyron won't beat the Zonda's time anyway, the track is way too tight
  11. well im not gonna argue seeing as all my info is from the internet, mostly this and i remember reading in another site. Im not gonna go through the trouble of looking for the article but on this site it says that it took the record from Mclaren by setting 9.8, beating the mclaren time by a second [maybe mclaren set a 10.8 after the mosler?]

    eitherway, this car has the record and by a wide margin it seems
  12. Really? Thatd be kind of poopy. Speaking of poopy, wheeeee for 9am fluid mechanics labs... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  13. Top Gear 706:

    BMW E81 130i 1 min 31.9 secs
    VW Golf V R32 1 min 30.4 secs

    Top Gear 705:

    Marcos TSO GT 1 min 28.2 secs

    Top Gear 704:

    Pagani Zonda C12-F 1 min 18.4 secs

    Top Gear 703:

    Ford Focus ST 1 min 34.9 secs

    Top Gear 702:

    Porsche 987 Cayman S 1 min 26.7 secs
    Audi RS4 1 min 25.? secs

    Top Gear 701:

    Ascari KZ1 1 min 20.7 secs (damp)

    Sea Harrier 0 min 31.2 secs

    Aston Martin DBR9 1 min 08.6 secs

    Renault F1 0 min 59.0 secs
  14. if i remeaber coreclty the maclaren f1 lm had a horiable start, it took it 4 secods to reach 60. so maybe with a new test it could post better times.
  15. i wonder what the new sc'd photon would do it has an extra 165 hp.
  16. Do you have the lap time of the Mégane RS Cup version(or something like that?
  17. I wonder what the Freestream will lap?

    Also I wonder how it will do 0-100-0mph?
  18. wow!!!!! 1 min 8.6 secs, and 59 secs for the renault F1. do you know what time the 962 schuppan mould accomplish. also the Mosler was the record holder for 0-100-0 beating the caterham at it.
  19. Mégane RS 225 Cup is at 1 min 32.5 secs according to Clarkson (he said it's 1/2 a sec faster than the Astra VXR - 1 min 33.0 secs)
  20. Thanks!
  21. you are like me, i have serched quite a while trying to find any test of the Schuppan 962, needless to say i have found none. but i will tell you this, it would be fast, probably faster than the Zonda F.
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