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  1. ha
  2. Could've been faster if the stig didn't crash it.
  3. He wouldn't have crashed it if it had more downforce.
  4. Does anyone want to know the lap time of the Z06?

  5. just about everybody
  6. should do pretty well...

    i like checking up on this thread more, i hate the modded cars in the NR thread.
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  8. Yes,it is.

    I didn't want to spoil it to everyone.
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  11. Corvette Z06 --> 1:22.4
  12. How was the lap from what you saw? Did the Stig get everything he could out of it?
  13. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>, im usually the first to post times and i didnt want this to be an exception(in case Veyronman beat me to it). i didnt see much of the actual lap, the start seemed pretty average.
  14. Haha cool, I'll dl it soon anyways. Cheers.
  15. suzuki liana ---> 1:44.4

    as driven by THE ST1G
    faster than ex Formula One driver Nigel Mansell. that is epic.
  16. any links for the download?

    im not sure when it was aired (was it hours ago, or just minutes?)

    edit: i couldn't help myself, i went to their web page and read the preview for the episode "despite getting 0-175mph in one gear, JC is none impressed" kind of a letdown, i really thought this car might get some good english press in this episode. im still going to watch it of course (i mean watch every episode) hopefully the car doesn't get bashed too badly, they need all the good press they can get.

    also its in the 10 ten list for all time on the track, impressive.
  17. on the track jeremy loved it, but on the road he hated it. He even said it looked very similar to the Ferrari 575, wasn't there a thread in the european forums about this a while ago?
  18. About 3 seconds faster than the Gallardo, even faster than the Murcielago, not too bad at all.

    WHens it going to be on TOrrent.

    THey say it has a gas tank emptying 7 liter engine but obviously they havent compared mileage to other cars.
  19. Gallardo was tested in wet and would be about 4 sec faster in the dry according to TG
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  21. Dunno, if it has been discussed before but I wonder why the MC12 was faster than the Enzo, Ferrari intentionally made it slower. I suppose the Stig is still improving and so the Top Gear lap times don't tell the real story.
  22. The Stig always does 5 laps in his max potencial.The best of this 5 laps is used in the show.
  23. I wonder when they'll test the Radical SR8?
  24. He must be a lousy driver, because when I saw him drive the C6 Z51, it was a very sloppy lap.
  25. actually jc said the start wasn't great

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