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    It's more than likely so he can read it
  2. dont really see whats amazing about pussy shifting a supercar
  3. Haha at Americans who don't know who John Prescott is.
  4. I thought Clarkson,s was blurred out in the Jag ? did you notice that
  5. Hey drano, I did notice that. Our summer nights do get a little humid so maybe it was a layer of condensation. No other reason makes much sense. He wears the same model that Daniel Craig wears in Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace.
  6. turned it on half-way through john prescott being a twat. the moon-car bit was cool. need to download a torrent asap
  7. yeah i noticed those gums too
  8. such a pro +1
  9. Thanks! and those gums on the woman in front. I wanted to do a three pic zoom on her too, but then thought better of it. Hey James this episode's opener was great, seeing the F40 and 959 together. Just like in my hardback of Clarkson's Top 100 I got in a bring and buy sale.
  10. 959 is a POS.
  11. still not too sure on Prescott, thought he was pretty cool when he punched that protester who egged him, but I actually met him once by chance when I was at a service station on a lads trip to Amsterdam, we were full of Fosters and Strongbow and were being a bit loud, he looked rather pissed off at us
  12. I have the VHS somewhere
  13. That was an awesome episode !
  14. Pretty sure it isn't THAT easy to upshift an F40.

    Amenasce/others could confirm.
  15. i had no idea who he was but kinda figured it out as the interview went along
  16. Minister of Transport?
  18. its not that hard. you just have to have it at the right revs to do it nicely at the limit.
  19. There's no reason for us to/or care.
  20. God, the whole Jaguar segment just felt like a shitty advertisement. Seriously. "Oh cool, this car does radio waves to figure out when to speed up or slow down! Oh, nice. An iPod player! WOW MASSAGING SEATS!"

    Kinda funny considering how he was all for lack of technology in cars.

    "It's 20,000 pounds less than the S-Class too!"
  21. yeah this is somewhat making me wonder if car companies are slipping TG money in order to get good reviews again like they used to, though Clarkson is usually pretty honest about cars. Perhaps he is being a little patriotically biased as it's a jag
  22. Im pretty sure hes the least patriotic person ever when it comes to cars
  23. It seems like you saw your first top gear ...

  24. They all have hard-ons for Jags and Astons. It's nothing new.

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