Top Gear's 100 sexiest cars in the world

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  1. This is not a list from the TV program, it's the Top Gear magazine.
  2. 4th post in a row, sorry.

    The list probably isn't in order, just a listing of 100 sexy cars.
  3. Looks like it is out of order. Clarkson would have definitely put the Veyron or his GT near the top.
  4. if i had a scanner i would definitely post scans, but it is in order (i found it hard to believe aswell).

    The entire article was written by 6 people, including clarkson, may and tom ford (the fat guy from 5th gear).

    And the Alfa Tipo 33 Stradale is at #15, the Miura at #58, and the CSL 'Batmobile' is at #25.

    I think another factor they used was whether or not the car is any good to drive, but despite that, the Ferrari's should have been placed way higher up, and the Quattroporte with its jerky gearbox shouldn't be #3, even if it is very beautiful
  5. 500 RULES!!
    Italy: imperum redit, europa temit!!!
  6. haha what a joke
  7. this list is crap, everything is in the wrong place
  8. 1. Ferrari F40
    2. Zonda F
    3. Carrera GT
    4. Enzo Ferrari
    5. Lambo Muira
  9. The 360 and 355 are not sexy.

    The 456GT and the 575M are.
  10. haha you got it totally wrong.
  11. this would be a worse list.

  12. I dont give a rats arse about what people who dont know anything about cars say about cars.
  13. No, I think its about right. Its from a less historical view though, I just REALLY like the Muira and F40/.
  14. why? because the f40 is at the top?
  15. Enzo & CGT are not sexy !!!

    & ya F40 shouldn't be on the top.
  16. Carerra GT's are sexy
  17. well, what do you expect?
  18. this is the worst thread ever
  19. as always they do in a way as they want: wihout any logics <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  21. Obviously he's never seen 1 in person.

    I'm not a fan of the way most Porsches look but the Carerra GT is a sexy car.
  22. :D
  23. This list = win
  24. I saw maaany CGTs.

    Even if its sexy, the Carerra GT is not a ferrari :p
  25. I strongly disagree, the car doesn't look special at all

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