Top Gun 2 !

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  3. will this explore maverick and iceman's blossoming relationship after the events of the first movie?
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  4. will maverick and iceman play volleyball on the same team this time?
  5. They should do more than just that since "Don't ask don't tell" is no longer a law.
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  6. Eww, no. Have you seen Val Kilmer lately?
  7. oh look whos suddenly too good for a silver fox millionaire richdad

    god you get pierced one time and you think youre some kind of sex god or something
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  8. This was my first thought when I saw the thread title, he's gotten fat as hell.
  9. really
    thats your first thought
  10. tony scott is a shit filmmaker
  11. I'm not sure he's making any films at the moment.
  12. RIP.
  13. hes still right
  14. Good news everyone! The fantastic gentleman writing the screenplay for Top Gun 2 is also doing a screenplay for Bad Boys 3!!
  15. Just kill it w/ fire already.
  16. Film is now called Top Gun Maverick

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  17. Remember the British Tea Party.
  18. I wasn’t there
  19. That's racist.

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