TOP SECRET Ford Shelby GT500 News

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by rabbitl1, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. Although Ford has already put out a press release and a bevy of photos of the new Shelby GT500, there's another MUCH more important one to come. In an attempt to spoil GM's NAIAS announcements, Ford will unveil the GT500 for a second time, this time with a little tidbit of info that was withheld the first time around.

    The initial press release stated the car would have the same iron block supercharged V8 from the previous car albeit with a 40hp increase. It was also said the new car will weigh in at about 3900 pounds.

    The actual car will have an aluminum blocked version of the same engine. It won't be the same dry-sumped engine from the Ford GT, it'll be a wet-sumped version, but the biggest news here is that the car will actually weigh in 300 pounds lighter than recently revealed, tipping the scales at about 3600 pounds, which puts it in a MUCH better position to compete than before!

    The suspension will also be mostly a carryover from the hopped up GT500KR which fixed many of the GT500s handling foibles and gives the car a much nicer stance.
  2. and it'll FLY!

  3. Perfect, thats exactly what this car needed.
  4. Kinda sounds like BS though.
  5. woah awesome

    How much did the old one weigh?
  6. if true tats good, if not then too bad.
  7. Scwing! I'm going to take this one with a grain of salt for the time being.
  8. Yeah. It not unlikely or hard for them to do though, so it is plausible. I mean, they already have the parts. All they have to do is bolt them in.
  9. I'll be shocked if this happens.
  10. ohh, i thought TOP SECRET The import tuner modified a mustang, so i could be surprised.
  11. Sounds like BS. Awesome if true.
  12. Needs IRS
  17. car companies really need to get into weight savings rather than horsepower.
  18. thats likely going to be in the next mustang. This one was a refresh and kept the same mechanicals mostly.
  20. So was it real or not?
  21. Looks like not.
  22. So who's the source of this?
  24. Rabbitlt1 really jebbinsky'd this one.

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