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  1. My friend has a highly modified 1997 Honda Accord V6, and he wants to remove the top speed limiter/governor. Top speed for his car with it is 130mph. What all is involved with such a process? Would it hurt anything? What would removing it do for the top speed? I want to help him out, but I don't know much about tuning/tinkering with Hondas.
  2. Removing the governor on that car would be a bad idea. His car most likely still has the majority of its stock suspension pieces that aren't created to cope with the wear that speeds above 130 cause. Tell your friend to stop modifying cars.
  3. "Highly modified 1997 Honda Accord V6"

    Haha, yeah right. He probably put a GReddy intake/exhaust and rear spoiler on it.
  7. Well, like I said, it really is a highly modifited setup he has going on. He has performance parts such as: cat-back exhaust system, racing headers, pulleys, high-output cc injectors, cold air intake, garrett GT15 turbo, intercooler, semi-racing adjustable suspension, polyurethane bushings, front and rear roll bars and braces, gran turismo brake system, no wing or spoiler, rims, performance tires, etc....

    He has so much more that I don't even know of. That's just most of what he's told me he has on his car. I can understand his wanting more top speed. Can you blame him?
  8. If he had all that, then he should know how to go about removing the governor. . .
  9. That's the issue... he doesn't know how, because he's had someone else do all the modifications to his car for him. how fast does anyone think the engine could go with all the right parts without the governor?
  10. or how to buy a different car...
  11. Umm lol.

    TyGT with all that is done he would already have the govenor removed. Most modern cars are governed threw the computer system and when he had it remapped for the turbo it would have been removed.

    How fast depends on to many variables to guess at.

    P.S. What is gran turismo brake system? This car from some video game?
  12. Post pics or BS.
  13. "gran turismo brake system"

    He has pixelated brakes? What?
  14. are his tires even rated to go over 130?
  15. I hope his car isn't in Forza 2 or when he crashes it it will actually effect the handling.
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    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> Haha, lol. No, they're real.....
  17. Yea, I think they're rated either V or W tires.
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  19. Tell your friend that his Accord isn't going to go faster than 130 even without a limiter. His engine isn't limited anymore anyway.
  20. Hmm, I'll mention it to him, but he'll just get mad and say, "Oh, it'll go faster alright..." and he'll try to make it happen. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  21. i think it highly unlikely that someone who has so extensivly modified a crappy car like a honda accord is going to come on here to ask how to do something as simple as removing a top speed governer.
  22. So he did all that and still has stock tires? This is either fake or hilarious.

    I like semi-racing adjustable suspension, some one has played too much gran turismo.
  23. I hear that it's a great and very reliable car... You say it's "crappy"? No it's a great car from what I've read.

    Anyways, he just wanted to know if it'd be ok/safe to do it. He just needs to ask a Honda expert. I only got on here to ask to see if there's any kind of intelligence that would help. I guess not....
  24. And the reason he can't ask the guy that did all the other work to his car is what, exactly?
  25. He's just a mechanic, he's no top speed racing expert, so he's not familiar with that field. Like I say, he's just a regular mechanic that knows how to build and rebuild engines, and that's about it.

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