Top speed is aimed at 400kph!!!

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  1. if you dont believe me check up on the mag, EVO. Christian von Koenigsegg (the man who designed this) said it himself<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, they said that in the info too. Almost the Top of the heap in that dept.<!-- Signature -->
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    The only thing that is unfortunate is that they haven’t get any time on the high speed tracks so they can prove there speed, this because the other supercar builder is scared as h*ll that Koenigsegg will drive 400 km/h before the do. (Politics)

    But In the Film gumball 3000 (-2003) out Nov 20th the Koenigsegg is driving 386 km/h In Texas (this is from the police radar).

    So I hope they get some time on some track shortly, because they are fast as h*ll.

    (the facts in this post comes from a letter I’ve received from the Koenigsegg office in sweden)
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    I hope they get time on a track too, but u can't really trust a Texan police radar.
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    I bilieve it will achieve this speed aswell.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Only time can tell.

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