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  1. Limiters were not fitted to BMW's until 1995. This is a 94 model and so the top speed would have been 174mph not 155. And, also, unless this is the de-tuned version, it should have 380bhp.<!-- Signature -->
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    I am sorry my friend, but limiters have been around in BMWs for a long time. According the manual of my 1984 BMW 318i 5spd, the top speed is "electronically restricted" to a mere 113mph. Do note the year that MY car is. YOU are mistaken.
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    That sucks, but if you think about it, how often are you gonna go over 110? Maybe goin to Vegas, but that's about it. Even on most race tracks, a car with the power of this M5 would rarely, if not never, get into the 150's. Bottom line: who cares about the top speed, this is an awesome car.<!-- Signature -->
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    There are too many conditions to take into account. Top speed depends on who was driving and where. plus the US version of all BMWs are slower than there European counter parts due to extra and more stringent emmisions regulations. just for the record my dad has a 1994 M5 and has taken it up to an indicated 138Mph in Fourth gear (after Running out of duel carridgeway!!!) It has the 5speed 'Box as well but it still pulls 60 in 5.5 and 100 in 11. All in all the most impressive car i have ever seen (and driven). 170 is the offical claimed top speed for this version. And i think that with the ammount that was left after doing this speed it is quite possible to be true.
  5. Top speed is way off actually.

    The only conditions I need are 3 lanes wide and a few miles long. Like the M6 Motorway for instance at the M1 junction where it swings left in a superb arc. The only other thing I need is opposition. Like for instance a Clio Sport and a BMW 330Ci trying to race each other. I do like to hang back and watch them jockey for position. Then when the opportunity presents itself destroy both of them. On this occasion the BMW, which to be honest is not slow, decided he was coming after me. I allowed him to pass me at a little under 150mph. Then i went after him, passing him at an indicated 176 mph. He was not amused but his girlfriend seemed to think it was hilarious.

    Not bad for a 9 year old 3.8. All he saw through the window of his brand new silver 330Ci was a Daytona Violet Streak.

    So you see you can acheive top speeds you just need the right amount of bottle, or should i say insanity.
  6. Re: Top speed is wrong gives wrong information out. check out topseppd on skyline and you will laugh!!!
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    A fast german saloon for fast german highways =)
    You do know that they don't have speed limits on most of their highways?
    The most inner lane usually goes at about 190kph (as far as i remember, dunno about the increase of traffic nowadays).
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    Two things are weird about this thread! One the 1994 BMW 530i (which I own and they only produced 1000 of) was a v-8 next that car is limited to 127!!! So of course they had limiters then, I am just confused as to why they didnt put a v-8 into the M5 Just imagin...
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    They were dik stik!
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    damn don't care at all if a car has speed restriction. I mean every car going faster then 200kmh is fast. For all who disagree try driving 200kmh and feel as comfortable as u would if u where going the regular speed lvl. If you want speed go to Germany or other stretched roads like aussie or US. My familie owns a suzuki wagon r and a renault senic the fastest we have driven was 166 kmh and damn that's allready quite fast
  11. That's what I was thinking...

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