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    Which could mean absolute dick in this case.
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    it could, but then again it might be everything, lets wait and see.
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    i think this car could easily reach 406kph, despite the Drivetrain loss, but lets wait and see ( I HATE WAITING)
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    So do I. I think this car will hit the 252Mph. You hace to remember that even if it has a 25% power loss in the drivetrain it is'nt as heavy as most 4WD car including the sporty ones. In fact it's lighter than alot of 2WD cars. Also this thing has a 7 speed gearbox so with the right ratio's alot of stress can be removed from the engine and it can run smoother at higher speeds. As SupraMan and Ryan8whatever said before we'll all have to wait and see. DOH.
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    Third bang on comment man
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    True dat brudda!
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    from what i read at

    "If that isn't enough, the four-wheel drive chunk of exotica will hit 300km/h in 14.0 seconds flat and can cruise at 400km/h with ease. The car is electronically limited to 400km/h (248 mph), though if de-restricted the 8.0-litre coupe would be capable of at least 450km/h, perhaps more if the final-drive ratio and fuel-injection mapping was tweeked."

    but i aint 100% on the reliability of this source...
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    I don't know where you got the idea it would be limited to 248Mph. It's top speed is estimated at 252Mph so limiting it to 248 would be pointless. It is set to have a klimiter there to restrict power to 660Bhp and top speed to around 220Mph which has been set just so it can beat the Enzo, Mucielago and Careera GT without being de-restricted.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again. The POWER is not going to be restricted, only the TOP SPEED when fitted with the standard tires. Please people, use a search engine and do some research, or search through the threads, we've beat this topic to death already.
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    Fine, just give us a link to this info.
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    ok monkey, youve proved to be most knowlegeable...and this is the most intelligent conversation ive come across...i hope i dont spoil it...this is the best looking car period. this and the ferrari 550 twin turbo are the best...monkey, and all the other smart guys in here, get in there, do some research on that car, and post all you know on my post there please, id really appreciate it...and my 2 cents are: i read they have to change the gear ratio to get best 0-60, and change it again to het max hard is it to change ratio? does the transmission have to be taken apart and new gears installed?
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    That's how gear ratios are changed, you have to pull apart the transmission and install different gears. Final drive ratio changes are the same way, you have to pull apart the differential and install different ring and pinion gears. However, you can effectively change the engine speed vs. road speed ratio by installing different sized wheels and tires. For instance, if you have a wheel/tire package that is 24 inches tall, if you put on a different wheel/tire package that was 27 inches tall, you would "effectively" have taller gearing because you will be hitting a higher top speed in each gear.
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    thats what i thought...that wouldnt suck in real life....i would have it set at the factory for the fastest off the line...i mean, where would you go 250 mph....thanx monkey...wawawawa,eeeeee, eeeeee
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    I didn't read anything about changing the gear ratios between the 0-60 and top speed runs, but the top speed limiting was done through electronics...
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    wait wait wait....u mean to tell me that on they limited the top speed electronically on the car that its supposed to be the fastest int he world?,, doesnt make sense
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    The Michelin PAX (run-flat) tires couldn't handle the top speed, so it was electronically limited. A special compound tire (not a run-flat) can be fitted and limiter removed if the owner wishes.
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    where is it limited at?
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    nm....i found out by myself
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    I knew that about the tires but i did read in multiple places, that the power was going to be limited, not the top speed. I guess/hope that it is all just rumor.
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    It's being limited for everyday road use but you can call Bugatti to de-restrict it for you and change the tyres if you want to try it at it over 220Mph.
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    i have faith in every new bugatti made, the Veyron has the balls to make 400km/h, everyone knows it, they just dont admit it.

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