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Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by ryan8624, Jun 15, 2003.

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    You won't be looking at it's front when you're sat in the driving seat though,and the interior is just amazing, let alone for a supercar.
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    right bro 1000hp i think it will too. Corvette can do it with 800hp engines Bugatti can do it in mid-engine 1000hp engines for sure.
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    but the vette is RWD.
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    And less stable...
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    good point.
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    would you mind telling me where it comes from or why it looks like this?
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    Put very basically and simply: heritage and tradition.
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    but aerodinamics played a huge role too.
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    Yes, but i was trying to iterate the fact that it may look ugly to some is because of it background styling.
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    If bugatti madi it look like the new Lambo people would say this does'nt look anything like a Bugatti at all, designers need to be careful about these things.
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    awd + 1001 hp + 7 speed gearbox + enough downforce = 252 mph...easy
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    Pretty good point.

    And also, the lambo people would be pissed off about the copying of their style, and bugatti would be pissed off about losing bugattis image, and they would be pissed at the lambo fans, and a war would start, and the end of the world would result!
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    Very good point, the front end screams Bugati.
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    @ryan8624...first of sad you will kill for the M3 you have to kill me because this car is standing in our Garage...
    The Bugatti has one problem...the permission couldn't handle with 1001hp so it couldn't get on top speed...
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    The Bugatti can handle 1001Bhp, it already has at Laguna Seca.
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    Okay thats right, but i couldn't handle with topspeed on longer distances,the VW W12 has the same 3600 turns per minute the permission will be destroyed
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    The W12 was'nt road tesed was it? Also how do you know this won't handle, if it's going round corners AT top speed then no, no fast car does short of it being a large oval or speed test test track.
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    This is slow or what?
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    where has any of your information come from?
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    The "permission"? What?
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    The W12 was tested and set quite a few high-speed endurance records. At my next break, I'll see if I can find a link.
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    I remember it was tested in that endurance speed run, but was'nt that it, they never tested it's handling capabilities did they?
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    im with you, i have no idea what they are talking about.
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    ok, if i get the car ill take you out, just give me some info on where you are and me and winchester will vist.
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    who knew the design of a car could end the world, well you learn something new every day.

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