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    I'm sure VW tested everything, I just haven't heard any of the figures except for the world-record runs. I'm sure it would have been a spectacular performer. It's too bad the program was scrapped. At least the world got the amazing W12 engine out of the project to power the Phaeton. Anyhow, here's one link I found:
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    Nah man, its true.
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    oh i belive you, its just to intense to handle.
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    why talk about power loss through the driveline? whats the point, this car was designed to make 400kmh, and to have extraordinary aerodynamics, everyone that says or doesnt believe it wont make over 400kmh should pull their heads oout of their ass and get a real brain. why would bugatti claim the speed then not be able to prove it.. for all we know.. this car could well be able to do over 430kmh, but we dont know that either.. i am 100 percent certain this #$%#ing amazing car will make 400kmh.. with ease!
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    u should stock up on supplies while you still have the chance!
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    iv got 400lbs of lima beans already, so im working on it.
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    weve allready moved past that on this discution.
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    NOS sucks, just get a faster car.

    Like this....
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    Yep, but where did that come from?
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    How random of you.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    How random of you.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    im glad someone else noticed the opel astra extreme
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    Your saying that this car actually uses 750 of its 1000 HP because its AWD? I dont think thats true because: yes a car loses power with AWD and getting that power to the pavement, BUT the power loss is there already- its not like it loses 250 HP right out of the factory- its been Dynoed at 1000 hp thats 1000 with the AWD system. Think about it this way- take off the AWD system and maybe it has 1250HP.
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    Do you have a link to where it says it had 1000Bhp on a dyno, cos this car does'nt actually have 1000Bhp, or 1001Bhp for that matter it has 987Bhp which is 1001PS. As for the power loss there is actually a loss on all 4WD cars, I don't think it would lose hundreds of Bhp though.
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    I wanna go 250 mph! I don't know where i could do that though <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Sadly bugatti has been sold to the major company General Motors news comes after bugatti went broke in money the small company is finishing up soon and will be run by GM>GM plans to Rename the company as Gm bugatti or keep its name as bugatti these is the second time this year Gm has taken over a company this year daewoo that is called Gm daewoo know .Gm doesn't know if it should bother making the veyrons or keep on going.Rumors where said that they where saleing the new veyrons for S50,000 to get people to buy them.For more information on Bugatti go to
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    Car companies rate their engines at the crankshaft. Therefore, due to driveline losses, the power that actually reaches the tires is less than what the factory rates the engine at. The Veyron's engine is rated at 1001.1 PS (or 987.4 hp SAE), so it will have less than that available at the wheels.
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    yes, so if you take off the AWD system, it will not increase the power of the engine, but it will reduce the drivetrain lose, making it more powerful at rear wheels.
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    Man I'm getting good at this
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    You can pick loads up here, just be careful not to listed to certain people.
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    Ya, VW dude making loads of sense. Most probably right. Also take a peek at the torque figure, almost twice the torque of the Mclaren f1. Even with the 4wd drivetrain, should pass 245 at least, probably over 250, who knows exactly, but my money would be on this car to be the new fastest ever.
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    this car has never been driven this fast so i dont see y u guys believe that bull crap, it might have the ability to go that fast on a dyno but it has never been taken out on the track and driven like that. and most of all i would never drive such an awesome car that fast.
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    I wouldn't want to be in a room with a car running 250+ on a AWD chassis dyno...

    How do YOU know it has never been road tested at that speed? Were you in there with the development team? Do you think companies just design the car and put it into production without testing it?
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    It only has to beat 231Mph to be the fastest ever production car, thats the F1's record.

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