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    And the noob count goes off the scale.
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    Please read the yellow sign on the back of this car.
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    does that wing accualy go that high?
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    Yup, it would only go that high at more extreme speeds though.
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    This is the greatest car i have ever seen especially because it has all i need, luxury, speed, power, and style.
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    #$%# you ***** ass mother#$%#er
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    There are pictures of them at shows with the Wing that high. I think it kinda ruins the effect of the overall shape.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Yeah it does look funny like that, but at 250Mph who's gonna see it, it raises gradually as speed increases, the wing doesn't eve start to move until 90Mph I think, somewhere around that mark.
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    Yeah, but the thing is, ive seen the car with th wing up, while sitting stationary.
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    Most cars with automatically deploying wings or spoilers have a switch that allows them to be deployed manually.
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    I would have guessed thats the case with the Veyron.

    But it just ruins the whole car, that spoiler!
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    Well, you wouldn't see the spoiler until you got up to a speed well in excess of any speed limits. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    Most probably.

    But hopefully these rich bitches dont deploy it when it just sitting in a carpark or something, because they think spoilers are "cool".
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    what? no, im sorry to call you wrong on this one but you are, the F1 hit 245 on a track, you can find the name of the track and driver in the gueinis(sp?) book of world records, and last i heard bugatti was have truble with high speed stability, i geuss they dont have all the kinks worked out yet.
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    in a magazine they said that this was selling for $1,200,000
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    porsche's are like that.. you can do that with the boxster S too
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    McLaren essentially cheated to reach the claimed top speed.
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    The F1 did go into the 240's but it had it's catalyctic converter re boos power which made it illegal for road use and no longer production spec. The top speed of a standard McLaren F1 is 231Mph, also the rumours of the Bugatti's stability are unfounded, as were the rumours about tyre problems. The only true rumour was they had trouble with the cars handling, which was because it didn't feel right not because it didn't handle well. VW don't want the Veyron to be a gloryfied Lamborghini so they don't want it to handle the same. Also the guines book of records did print the 245Mph record for the F1, but later it was removed because of the converter being removed.
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    Transmission I reckon that should read. They actually did have teething problems with the transmission handling all the power. I reckon that's what he is talking about.
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    I could be wrong, but didn't they re-test one version of a road legal F1 and get 237 out of it officially? Don't remember where I saw that though, sorry.
    For the record, (on previous posts) Guiness has two "S"'s. I should know, I drink it!
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    I figured it was supposed to be "transmission" as well. It was supposed to be a humorous post on my part, but I guess I forgot the smiley face.

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I didn't hear anything about transmission problems, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. The only thing I've read about was some aerodynamic fine-tuning to make it stable at top speed, lengthening the original wheelbase for more interior room, and putting a speed limiting device on it for the standard tires (limiter is removed with the special upgraded tires) because the standard tires (using the Michelin PAX system for monitoring and adjusting air pressures in the individual tires) couldn't handle the heat buildup from running the car flat-out.
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    Hey it does have two S's, yeah I think your right abut the re-test.
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    god this thread is long, and it shows no sign of dieing off soon.
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    0-300 in just 17 seconds!!!!!!!!!

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