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  1. Whats its real top speed??<!-- Signature -->
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    Not sure, pretty sure it's above 200 MPH (205-210 would be my guess).<!-- Signature -->
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    Not bad<!-- Signature -->
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    u gotta hand it to Ford for creating a car what change racing forever, its top speed should one to make u have serious tunnel vision<!-- Signature -->
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    Ya the top speed should be well over 200 but according to Car and Driver its only gonna be about 180.<!-- Signature -->
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    thats strange
    I heard that the car was made to be steady and good to drive at speeds around 200mph
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    the car can do well over 200mph...hell the old one could do 220mph.

    but ford is not going to set it that high...180mph is what they want it at.

    but just remove the limiter or change the gears or whatever ford did to limit it, and bam u could fly at 220mph<!-- Signature -->
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    220mph from 500hp?.....riiiiight ok

    200 would be quite an achievement, it dont matter what the old 1 can do, theres no connection except the name

    theres this little thing called a drag limit, which can not b surpassed no matter what u do to the rev limit or the gears.....put a 10,000rpm limit and intergalactic gear ratios and it'll still just do 200 (or whatever its real top speed is), not 201 but 200
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    the 69 gt40 had same ammount of hp and it got up to 220. this new one is bit heavier i believe, like 700 lb's more... but, then again, this one has much newer tech and what not
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    Yeah... the old one did 220. Theres no question... and no argument. It did do 220.
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    but u seem to forget that the gt40 design is almost perfect for top speed. it has enough downforce to keep u on the ground and sure footed at high speeds(220mph+). This one is only 3in taller but features a little bit revised dynamics to make it a little better than the old one to produce more downforce(not much but just a little), and have heard the drag is reduced from the old one.

    the old one did was lighter(but it did have less hp and less torque)....something the new found power can easily overcome.

    220mph from 500hp...u better believe it...what u think that the only way to go that fast is use a 600hp exotic engine like italians have u believe.

    Put it this way....the gt40's aero has never been flat out tested on a high speed ring...but the top speed of 220mph was reached on the straight of the lemans...far from being a top speed testing ground.

    redo the gears or rev limit whatever ford does to it....and YES the car will and can hit 220mph+...a kit car in europe, i believe it was, went 235mph on a 520hp 427ci....and u know the kit cars arnt as good as the original.

    something called design, technology, and power that will allow it to do 220mph.

    and if u really really really wanted the freaking car, strip it out, make it lighter and go faster, come one weight is easily fixed <IMG SRC="">

    so now what was ur arguement again? oh yea no connection, except that the lines were slightly altered to make it that much better and a little higher stance for taller people...but yet despite all the improvement it cant go as fast as the old one, just becuz its better, damn that means the f50 blows compared to the ur funny.<!-- Signature -->
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    Think 220mph from 500bhp is good? The Germans were able to do 250mph from 500bhp! Mercedes Benz did it in the car called the C111 MkIV. It used a modified V8 from the 450SE. I think it was made possible because of the C111's shape(it's Cd is just 0.1825!) and weight.

    For anyone's information, I don't diss this car. It is one of the few American cars I like. Though I wish its engine was NA like the original.<!-- Signature -->
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    The McLaren is capable of 240mph with 627hp at a weight of 2500lb. The new GT40 will be a little heavier with 127hp less. It should be good for around the 200mph mark. The problem is down force on the back end. Without having a wing to push the backend down, it will have a tendency of "lifting off" the ground. This is what Ford's concern is. But thats contradictory because the original 1968 GT40 MKI Gulf car did not have a wing either, and that was in "real world" racing. I'm curious to know if they put the new GT40 through any tunnel testing. For a more close comparison, the Cobra R was rated for 180mph, weighing in at 3600lbs, and 385hp. The GT40 will be ~600lbs less, with 115 more horsepower, only good for 180mph? The numbers aren't there.
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    It will probably hit 210, but ford should think about taking away the limiter, because no one can hit 180 in the US anyway, unless there is a long deserted strech of road.

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