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Discussion in '1993 McLaren F1 GTR' started by SuperSport, May 14, 2003.

  1. What is the speed
  2. !

    Like all the LM cars of that time it must be around 400 km/h!
    I do not know really but I guess!Because the Dauer and many other LM cars from that year have a topspeed of around 400 km/h!
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    According to NFS 4 HS, the top speed is 198MPH (316.8KPH) and the 0-60 is 2.1s, 0-100 is 4.3s. Although I found that they had a top speed of 230MPH.
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    Nah!don't give a damn on video games!I know they are cool but stats are never right!
    In NFS HPII the CLK GTR, the F50,the F1 and the F1 LM drive in the same class!that is wrong!
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    Hell, who cares we still know that it's $@#!in' fast.
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    they thought of it to be 230 mph, but when they tested it, it was 240 mph.
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    It probably tops out at around 220 MPH, it probably won't do the 230-240 that the f1 does because since its a LM car it is more focused on handaling and suspension than top speed
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    No I heard it was 236 mph.
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    it depends: race models generally focus on downforce & acceleration. Therefore, they have more drag & have gearing set for more acceleration & a lower max speed. But it varies-- a race version of this car may be able to pull off 240mph if its geared high enough, but it wouldnt do as well in the turns.
  10. I think its 240mph
  11. Its a racing car, so the top speed will change depending on track settings. On a track with short straits it'll be set to 220-, but a track with longer straits where it needs higher end speed it'll be 240+

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