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  1. The top speed is said to be unofficial. I heard that speed trials were planned, does anyone know if they've been carried out yet? If not, when will they be?
  2. they said that the test will be don in the late summer, and thats now so i hope we can expect the resoults soooon, but ho knows.
  3. Top speed is 40, 000 mph

    <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> This car rules
  4. considering the sizable power increase, i'd say it could probably crack the 400km/h barrier.
  5. we would just have to wait and see............................
  6. Um, I'd say in the 242.5 mph range...
  7. 2700lbs and over 650 lb/ft of torque with a V8. wow.
  8. Is that top speed even possible on a roadster? From what i understand no roadster, even with the top up has not passed 200mph.
  9. The CC8S is also a roadster and has reached speeds well over 200mph.. so it shouldn't be a problem for a stronger version to do so aswell. The question is only what will that top speed be???
  10. Christian von Koenigsegg (founder and owner of Koenigsegg) in EVO 73 (november 2004) in reply to the question how fast the CCR can go:
    "Of course we definitely want to prove ourselves after talking so much about it. We had planned to do it last year, but we had a fire in our old factory and that set us back drastically. Now we're up and running again and can concentrate on the fun things. We don't say the car will do the speeds, we say we believe it will do them. This is misinterpreted, but I want to say what I believe, especially when its backed-up by a lot of accurate data. Come the day and depending on conditions, I would guess the CCR will achieve anything between 240 and 252mph."
  11. That throws some light on the matter, thanks. Just wish they'd hurry up!!

    I know such speeds are extreme conditions but I find it a bit strange that with the same drag coefficient, only 5kg more weight, 151hp and 170Nm more (!!!!) they are aiming at speeds only a bit higher than the CC8S.
  12. I think this man knows what he is talking about. 240-252...that's fast
  13. I saw this at an auto show at miami beach. Suprised to see it there. Have you seen the stick on these things? WoW. Why so long? Can't wait for the results to come.
  14. i beleive von Koenigsegg said the topspeed is over 400 km/h, by howmuch is up to the drivers courage
  15. The first version CC8 or whatever it's called reached 350kmh on a Swedish circuit and they believed it would reach 390 on a some german high speed course. And that's with the old one. This has some 100 bhp and 150 more torque or so. So maybe the CCR would do a bit better?

    An American was caught by the police with over 370kmh, but I can't prove it since I can't find someone with a scanner to scan my magazine. Don't know how much the fine was though. Can't imagine how high it would be. :O
  16. holy crap thats pretty extreme. does it say what car it was? fastest I heard was some guy in the 2003 Gumball doing 205 mph in an F5
  17. Tested 241mph
    Theorically 245mph
  18. Tested 241mph
    Theorically 245mph
  19. Shut Up, it is official, and does not have the right to show unofficial TOP SPEEDS, # of Cylinders, Weight, etc.
  20. Wow, you are an ass. The car doesn't have millions in R&D, and the rear creates lift. So it is nigh impossible to approach 250 without being an incredibly skilled driver. The car is perfect with the wing, but only goes 230. Who cares? Top speed over 230 is pretty pointless.

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