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  1. funny that the Veyron comes with the same warranty you get with a VW Golf. Which engine do you think is the least stressed? Anyone can get 1000bhp out of an engine, they used to race 1500bhp 1.5 liter engines in Formula 1, didn't last much longer than the race though.

    It's worth noting that one of the big factors in Bugatti limiting the Veyron's top speed to 253mph (it's got revs to spare at 253mph, that is an electronic limit on the car) is the tyres, above thoes speeds the tyres become incredibly unstable incredibly fast.
  2. I didn't know the Aero was putting out like this. Damn. This car is outright nasty.
  3. i have similar doubts about the SSC. Firstly is, like you said, the engine and how reliable is it (or isn't)? Secondly what's the tyres like? Bugatti needed specially designed tyres to withstand the speed of the Veyron! Finally is, quite simply, how usable is it? The Veyron is a very agile car at any speed (yes, it is heavy but every review I have read says it feels much lighter than it is). I suspect that a car like the SSC could be a #%[email protected] to use under everyday circumstances, where the Bugatti is perfectly able to be used in the real world.

    Nothing against the SSC, it's looks to be a remarkable car, but i don't think it will beat the quality and overall usability of the Bugatti.
  4. Quote from SLRRULES
    "Funny that the Veyron needs a W16, and 4 turbos to reach the 1000HP barrier but the SSC can do it with a V8 and a supercharger."

    Again, the amount of cylindres have little infulence on performance figures. A 4 litre V8 and a 4 litre V 12 both have roughly same outputs if they are built the same way. The V8 would propably have a little more torque and the V 12'd be less vibrant.. Nowadays it's widely known that the optimal displacement for one cylinder in road cars is about 500 cm3.
  5. 400km shouldn't post a problem
  6. They are suposed to be gunning for the 270mph range according to an article in the Dupont Registry (it's feature story).I don't remember what issue though but it was recent.
  7. yes, the optimal displacement of a cylinder is 500cm3. absolutely right! so the displacement of the veyron is better than the ultimate aero. BUT the aero will get more torque. but the veyron would still smoke it! all the acceleration numbers are better with the veyron. and i prefer acceleration over top speed! and both of them should be able for over 400km/h too. so there's notning wrong with that!
  8. There is no way that the Bugatti is going to be able to catch the SSC. The SSC is lighter and has more horsepower and torque. I believe the Bugatti weighs in the neighborhood of four thosands pounds. That is what is says on this site. Anyways for a horspower and torque freak like myself. Power to weight means alot. Lighter cars seem to handle better. I think this is just my opinion that a car the weighs 4100 pounds with 980 hp is not going to be close to as fast as a car that weighs 2700 pounds and has over 1100 hp? I am sure the bugatti will most definatly handle better because of the weight and factory backing and planning. But for a small manufacturer of cars the SSC is most impressive in my eyes. Also would be much easier to work on.
  9. I also think that the engine in the SSC is a GM engine not sure which one but most all GM engines are pretty reliable.
  10. Lol, were that true, would it be true when running on 26+ psi boost?
  11. Hey guys, I'm an avid car enthusiast and speed freak. Unless you've head your head up your @$$ for the past 3 years, you've noticed a flurry of new cars from both small companies (like SSC) and industry giants (like VW) that have been making increasingly unbelievable speed and acceleration claims to get media attention for their company. I'm a big fan of this car and other monsters like it, so I've done some reasearch about every such claim. Here are my findings:

    Bugatti Veyron: This car is unique among speed chasers in that it has already fulfilled its design specifications, reaching speeds very close to the claimed 252 mph and accelerating to 60 in just under 3 seconds. It's different than others like the Aero because it incorporates incredible luxury. Everyone here need only watch Jeremy Clarkson's trek from Italy to London (search buggatti top gear or something on youtube) to understand this. I find it amazing that a cinderblock like the Bugatti can still achieve the numbers it has.

    SSC Ultimate Aero: Although the car has been wind tunnel test at up to 273 mph, no real world speed attempts have been made, so the 270+ claim is pure mechanical speculation. It's obvious that this featherweight car with the heart of a lion has the pwr to weight ratio to make it. I also think the company has done sufficient aerodynamic tweaking. However, I don't think it will really break 270mph because it is limited by tire technology (which is years behind car development and can't handle this kind of power or speed). No production tire could withstand this kind of speed. Once SSC and others find a solution to the tire problem (VW's 250mph solution was specially made michellins wider than any previous production car tire), the sky's the limit!

    Brabus TKR: This is the one that really pisses me off! 270mph? See the SSC section. The brabus probably won't make it because it has less pwr (not sure about the final weight) than the SSC and has done no such wind tunnel testing at these sort of speeds. It's bull$hit! The most outrageous claim in the automotive world today is (brace yourself) 0-60 in 1.67 seconds! RU kidding me?! There is no way in hell that that'll happen! No matter what the pwr-to-weight ratio, no car with this kind of horsepower (and don't forget how torquey a supercharged V8 is) could possibly overcome tirespin fast enough to acheive this time. Even with slicks, the car would spin its tires for far too long. Actual acceleration? I'd guess about 2.5 seconds.

  12. I think you mean Barabus TKR. And, btw, they seem to have dissapeared. And yes, everyone knows their claims are bullshit.
  13. well... i think that this will beat the veyron anyway... at topspeed as well as at aroung a track! and even if the veyron is more wellbuilt, IF it is, or if it is not, the ssc will still beat it... as said before, GM engines, and other carparts for that matter, is very reliable!
  14. around************ .....sorry.....
  15. actually, ive been doing some research... about the barabus TKR... i dont like that car... just take a look at the engine... it looks like an old V8 smallblock with only 2valves/cyl and the sparkplugs on the side... if they would take an old engine, they could at least bought a hemi and tuned it a bit... now i know why that engine needs those two enormous turbochargers! without them the car wouldnt get that power so easily! and as a hightech-freak like myself, DOHC, dual over head cams, are a musthave... they would gain much torque on that. and it would look so much better under the bonnet! now i know what you mean about "bullsh!t"! but come on, 0-60 miles per hour in 1.67 seconds??? 0-60 kilometers per hour is more likely!!!
  16. ok, how many agrees with me that this engine looks like its from an old chevy??? a v8 smallblock with two turbochargers added to it???
  17. Ugh, who cares, the engine bay is an abysmal mess.
  18. true, nothing seems to be in order...
  19. This car is so fast.
  20. true like the hks skyline
  21. Superbot, i wanna bang on you like a drum!
  22. True, very true. The Brabus is a wild car, and should post record breaking performance numbers (if they ever find he balls to hand it over for media tests). However, everyone should understand that the claim of a 1.67 zero to sixty time is impossible for any car. An infinite increase of horsepower and decrease of weight can't offset the great limiting factor: street tires just don't have the traction to put this enormous power (1067hp) to the ground in time for such sprints. Think about it: Lingenfelter is a master tuning agency known around the world for their super vettes. Their latest is the 427 commemorative edition. This supercar has "only" 725 hp, and yet its 0-60 time is limited by wheelspin to a not-so-incredible 3.9 secs (about the same as a viper). There are only two viable explanations for Brabus' ridiculous performance claims:

    1. Perhaps these times were calculated by a theoretical computer simulation that accounts only for power to weight and disregards traction and air resistance.

    2*. The most likely reason is that this whole car is a publicity stunt by a small tuner company trying to expand its global footprint and become a household name among enthusiasts. If they claimed 0-60 in 3.9 secs, no one would have paid them any attention. But by claiming 1.67 secs, they've generated a furious storm of debate among believers and naysayers. The truth is, it doesn't even matter what kind of numbers this car actually achieves. It has already done its job for the company, and would be worth the effort to them even if they never actually released it. Consider that. Here I am writing this lengthy argument about it, mentioning the company name and suggesting their potential greatness. Here you are reading it. Sometimes a freakishly overrated side project car can be a very effective advertising tool <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  23. The top speed of this wonderful supercar (which is indeed American) is 275 mph. And there is your lesson for today
  24. Dude, the car isn't even geared to reach that, disregarding Aerodynamics.
  25. the guy that makes these ssc acutally lives like 2 houses away from me...

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