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  1. Meh I think its topspeed is wrong.It should be around 230+km/h
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    i geuss it culd b a little higher..but the hp isnt high enough. who worries about top speed when it will take so long to get there.
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    this car rilly sucks ass
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    damn striat.
  5. Re: Topspeed guys do know that this car is governed to 130mph don't you? yeeeeeeeah it definatly beats a civic easily, and there is NO replacement for displacement.
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    I haven't lost to a civic with the same cost of mods I have invested in my car, sad that a family car will smoke a light civic domestics rule against japanese imports!!! Also my 944 turbo will smoke any street civic lol and it only puts down a measly 450whp with to many expensive mods to list.
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    Hey, I have a GTP sedan and I've taken it up to 125 mph with alot more to go (rpm's where at around 3700). They are governed to 130 but with the governor out it can go 150+ mph. And btw, this car's engine is massively understressed. With a cold air intake and a pulley you can gain up to 40 horses to the wheels, and a reprogramed pcm will let you put all that power down. This car is a sleeper, even though its a family sedan it handles very good and it can run with Mustang GT's and will out-perform any other sedan in its price range.

    The end
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    The GTX is totally under rated. Stock GTP hp is 240, with a pulley, ram air system, K&N cold air intake and SLP exhaust I'm at about 295hp. The car can reach 126mph, but with a reprogramed PCM you can reach 165 with Z rated tires. And it also helps to do a little suspension work, but other than that it's amazing. A 4-door sports sedan than can beat any civic or import that a punk kid is driving, and it's not even a close race.

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