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    There wasn't anything especially exciting about this, but I found it somewhat amusing the contrast between the man and woman's reactions.
  2. It's no surprise. Women have been conditioned to believe - mostly by other women - that everything is scary and dangerous and wants to rape them.
  3. I want to see a Tornado IRL, but from a safe distance.
  4. ive seen only one in my life and that was at about 200/300m. i pooped my pants.
  5. there are going to be some monster tornadoes in Arkansas tonight
  6. It's weird, I'm calm as #$%# with a much more destructive force like a hurricane, but tornadoes scare the shit out of me. I've been around a few of both.

    edit: I've decided it's because hurricanes move in slowly and have fairly constant winds, whereas tornadoes are unpredictable and hard to prepare for.
  7. I've been lucky enough to view several, including the one that obliterated moore back in 03, and set the highest wind speed ever recorded. It was on a path straight for my house, but let up about 10 miles out, after going probably 60-80 before that
  8. tornadoes would be so awesome to chase, I bought that Tornado Chasers documentary/TV show that was on TLC. Its crazy, but simultaneously probably #$%#ing exhilarating.

    Right now there are ten tornado warnings going through northern Arkansas and western Tennessee

  9. have you watched Storm Chasers on Discovery?
  10. Reed Timmer is insane.
  11. yes. I have the series on DVD.
    Thats what I was talking about. But Ive collected documentaries and stormchase videos since VHS> I love them. I want to try it someday.
    Dunno if Ill ever get an opportunity to though. It takes a lot of time and preparation.
  12. oh, you said TLC. that show was great and one of few that I religiously watched.
  13. Haha I liek this poast
    Girls r dum
  14. Dear Diary,

    OMG he liked my post. He's a pretty cool guy, so to hear that from him made my day. And he's totally right - girls ARE dumb! I'm not just saying that to look like I'm agreeing with him either!
  15. I love being outside during tornados.
  16. lol

    i look forward to more of your diary entries

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