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  1. Does working in the industry and being involved in local groups that promote these ideas count? Does living what I preach count?
    *sits back, lights a joint and wait*
  2. Seems like this is fairly tame compared to other political scandals out there. Kinda blown out of proportion by SOBs (South of Bloors)

    I was listening to Conservative Talk Radio when big robford was elected, and most ford-haters had trouble coming up with reasons why he would make a terrible mayor, other than the usual ``because fat``

    I don't care how poorly spoken or obese elected figures are, as long as they are effective at running a city/province/state etc
  3. Preach what ever you want, but don't try to impose it on others and/or make fun of people who don't comply with your utopias.
  4. A bunch of hipsters in the lowest tax-paying bracket gloating about not owning cars because they can take the trolley to spadina to buy vegetables from a street-side stand instead of having to go to a big evil supermarket are not the deciding factor on toronto needing more ridiculous street cars.
  5. Don't understand how they are ridiculous, elaborate.
  6. Likewise but I won't stop lol
  7. Oh sorry i forgot only the SUV driving people of Markham and North York matter. Dead
  8. damn suit-wearing North Yorkers
  9. dead @ dead
  10. I'm glad I don't really ever need to use street cars. What a useless form of transportation.
  11. Isn't this WHOLE entire shit stemming from him using the wrong letterhead?

    Been on a street car a couple of times, it's #$%#ing horrible. Took the subway to work all summer, it was also #$%#ing horrible. Driving downtown is worse, though.
  12. Vice Magazine has a really good article on Ford. Read it.
  13. You're throwing out things that do not even begin to create an arguement.

    Yes he called the transit boss for a bus, after a fight broke out on the field and police were called. The police told him to get his team out of there since they were the visitors.

    He was caught talking on his cellphone while driving? Lordy loo lets stone him. He was driving his car, not a city of Toronto vehicle, so it makes no difference. If he was caught by police, it would have been a fine with no points. But he wasnt caught by police, he was caught by some asshole with a vendetta against him and a camera phone.

    You question the validity of afterschool programs helping kids futures? What's wrong with you? Do you really hate the Mayor so much tthat you'll twist something noble into something irrelevent?

    You want to know what my favorite thing about Ford haters is?
    Most of them don't live in Toronto and therefore don't matter.
  14. Its simple. They block traffic much worse then any bus. They exist only in the left lane without the ability to pull over. When they stop for passengers to board or exit, they stop both lanes of traffic instead of one like a bus.

    They cost significantly more then a bus to purchase.

    They cost significantly more then a bus to maintain.

    They cost the environment much more then is realised in all the construction and maintenance of the tracks. All those escavators, bulldozers and other construction machines maintaining their tracks (or even worse, dedicated laneway like St Clair) spew fumes that are not calculated in when comparing the environmental impact of buses to streetcars.

    They create an eyesore with their electrical lines overhead

    They cost businesses money. My friend owns a restaurant on St Clair. During the construction of the Dedicated Laneway his business took huge hits. Everytime they maintained the tracks before that, he noticed dips in revenue.

    So please, tell me how they are not ridiculous?
    Because they're historic?
    Slavery is also historic, and ridiculous.
  15. um .. prove most of that. I think aside from the blocking traffic (don't really care about car traffic in downtown honestly) you're making shit up.

    rofl / dead @ environmental damage maintaining steel tracks. What about the environmental damage of demolishing and pouring new asphalt every few years. Streets are torn up to replace underground utilities and such also, so it's the exact same disruption. So many silly things with that, I won't even continue..

    Also, car traffic can take a second place seat, because a tram moves more people than a bus and it moves a hell of a lot more than a car.

    And for the observations Sandwiches made, I partly agree. This is why you need to invest more in it. You can't have everyone drive a car there, or nobody gets anywhere. You'd think Toronto/GTA would realize this by now? Obviously a bunch of thickskulled idiots who climb into a car everyday for a 2hour trip to work. I spent a lot of time there last year working and the amount of car traffic, especially single occupant vehicles, is absolutely ridiculous and something needs to be done to reduce that and not encourage it. If you had a decent public transit system, and you partly do, things would be better for everybody.

    In Paris (pop'n 2.2mil) there were like twenty (20!) subway lines that bring you to every possible corner of the city and neighbouring suburbs. In Toronto (2.6mil in the city) there are what? Three? Both cities have buses as well.

    Also, to put it in perspective, one street car at capacity is moving 50-60 people to their destination. For all intents and purposes there destination is every bit as important as yours or mine. To complain about a vehicle full of people holding you up, a single occupant of a car, for a few seconds, is pretty inconsiderate and preposterous.
  16. Street car tracks have to be rebuilt with the same frequency, if not more, than normal roads. Also, they use a LOT of electricity, which is more expensive than the bio-diesel busses.

    And you don't really appreciate the nightmare that the "transit city" project would have created. It's not even about how slow they go and that they block both lanes, but the project was calling for raised medians for the tracks (to ease the consistent re-contstruction costs somehow) which would have basically meant that on any street with a streetcar, no driver would have ever been able to make a left turn again. The projects team were literally saying that it was reasonable to expect every driver who had to turn left onto a main road to instead make a right turn, drive to the next intersection, and make a U-turn. In Toronto, in rush hour.... half a million people trying to make u-turns. Just ridiculous.

    There is a reason no other city in north america uses street-cars anymore for viable public transportation.
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    GM/tyre companies basically bought the streetcar systems and converted them to bus.

    Everything I see on track replacement says 20-35 years. Seems reasonable.

    The left turn thing apparently already exists in many parts of the city.

    LRT frees up space for emergency vehicles to bypass congestion too (they + trams can use the raised curb area for LRT, cagers cannot).

    LRT uses less energy, creates less gCO2, costs less to operate. I took a high-use hydro rate, and an avg./guestimate on the diesel rate. Correct if wrong.
    Tram consumption avg, 3.02kw-hr/km x $0.08/kwhr = $0.25/km

    Bus, 56L/100km x $1.15/L = $0.64/km (almost 3x as much cost)

    Not taking into account less manpower to operate a tram as well..

    Table 6, page 35 (he made an error on the gCO2 figure for diesel buses, it should be 44 (11) not 11 (44).

    Again, only the people in cars would be complaining. It's only a nightmare for them.
  18. I don't know where that number for 30-35 years comes from because living in Toronto the reality is they have to do it much more often, and it takes years to complete. St-Clair has been under repair for almost 5 years now and they're still not done.

    You don't understand about the left turn thing. While it may exist at a median here or there already, it's not a continuous thing. The design they were proposing basically had a median as long as a city block with breaks only at major intersections. That doesn't exist anywhere downtown.

    And modern LRT's are not the same as street cars. You're looking at numbers for LRT machines, which we don't have. LRT's are raised, I have no problem with those. I'm talking about the old clunky streetcars that share the road, the most modern of which were build in the 1970's.

    You are all out of order and forme like animation.
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    The numbers were for streetcars, and the report was from 2001.

    I believe there are some streetcars from 1987, which even so, just goes to show the longevity of these machines. Electric traction technology is not exactly going to have lept rapidly in the past 30 years also.

    The St-Clair problem is with the project, its lawsuits and its management. Has nothing to do with the type of track. Its out of scope and over budget and people seem to be arguing over it alot. It was mishandled from the start.

    I understand the medians and again, and again, only the people in cars would be complaining. It's only a nightmare for them.
  20. Yeah, and nobody else matters!

    Stupid plebs and their public transport.

    And the street cars from 1987 were still built a decade before and have been gotten rid of. All the ones in service were purchased in 70's.

    You don't even live in Toronto, what's your beef?
  21. Demolish the city
    Sound irreparable
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    These were built in '87 to the gym so I'll continue later.

  23. from 1970's technology that was first tested in 1982
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    lol well then here, how old is that design?

    And to put it in perspective, Paris is still using subway cars designed in the 1950s on some of their lines.

    As a pilot, how many of these airframes do you see in the air?

    You're simply proving that the technology is sound and that it lasts. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  25. whats going on here

    i hear some jimmies were rustled.

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