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  1. Doesnt' matter where I'm from. Facts are facts.
  2. lol wheelman do want there not to be any public transport?
    streetcars are infinitely more convenient than buses, so we need them, and more of them to get rid of more buses
    suburban GMC Yukon drivers can #$%# off and live in Newmarket
    downtown is 95% students, Young Urban Professionals, and chinese people who should stay the #$%# away from cars
    so walking, bicycles and streetcars it is
  3. I think the worst place I ever had to work/stay was Vaughan.

    I tried to go walk to a restaurant from my hotel. Nope, everything is at least 5-10km away.
    I tried to go for a run. Nope, barely any place that isn't a 6 lane high speed road there. Holy #$%#.. it's like physically impossible to do anything there without a car. I had a better time working in like..North Bay or Timmins, which are both pretty dreadful.

    Working in downtown TO was awesome though, have to admit. You have everything closeby. Leave the Dodge Avenger rental POS at the hotel and walk/use transit.
  4. lol
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    I never said the technology didn't work or last, I said it was old and expensive compared to LRT's, that the street-bound tracks were a gigantic nuisance to motorists and a burden to tax payers, and that things aren't as rosy as your rose-coloured glasses make them seem. If we built LRT's we'd solve a lot of problems. Or more subways! Subways are expensive initially, but the holes don't go anywhere once they're there.
  6. Wheelman doesn't seem to have an issue with grade-separated or exclusive right-of-way transit. The thing he appears to be worried about is that the way streetcars are proposed, the partial grade-separation would interfere with the shared right-of-way of the roads they use. I think that's a fair point. Its difficult to find an agreeable medium between the low-use, shared right-of-way bus routes and high-use, exclusive right-of-way light rail for any medium-use (but important) corridor.

    In cases where the route is not appropriate for road infrastructure, a streetcar/tram makes perfect sense. But in Toronto, where road-infrastructure dominates, what's to stop the use of pantograph-electric, articulated buses as streetcars? The technology is in use elsewhere already. Typically on shared right-of-way sections, the interaction with other traffic is superior, and on exclusive right-of-way sections, it is possible to track-guide a bus such that only two tire-wide strips of concrete and a steel rail are necessary.
  8. Yeah, living downtown is all fun and games as long as you don't mind making your landlord rich. If you want to rent forever, sure.

    Otherwise, it's a near impossibility. All the buildings downtown are 100 years old, $1000000 to purchase, and are in terrible condition thence requiring massive refits to bring them to code. The only reason they stay solvent is because smart landowners never sell them so they never need a building inspection.
  9. Friend's 700sqft condo on Bay (diagonal of the Maple Leaf garden) is 350k but 740$ monthly fees

    lol fees, wtf.
  10. Property management and such. For ex, When the hvac systems go, they need to be replaced and those fees pay for that stuff. Also many high rise condos arent individually metered so the fees include hydro/gas.
    740 is kinda high.
    I think I'm looking at around $400 but we pay hydro because it's a LEED gold and they want to demonstrate the energy savings by reducing your bill.
    Condo for me is temp investment until I buy a house.

    In many cases renting is just as good and better option for some. Home ownership for all is a recent phenomenon.
  11. Condo bubble coming, advantage... renters.

    It's actually almost here.
  12. I had a condo before the house, good investment if you time it right. Ours were 250$ a month and I though it was just very high, but like you said when you take everything else into the balance its normal.

    Now the 250$ goes for the taxes, and the fees are for normal maintenance so its kind of stays the same.

    You live in a LEED Gold certified condo/house or looking to buy?
  13. The worst part about condo fees is that each 50$/month you pay in fees is equivalent to paying the mortgage on an additional $10K of purchase price.

    $350K mortgage with CMHC downpayment @ 3.5% = $1250. Add $750 in fees, and you're out of pocked $2000/month

    $2000 is also exactly what you'd pay on a $500k mortgage with CMHC downpayment @ 3.5% on a 25 year term!

    The amount of money you're wasting and the opportunity cost of paying fees on a condo are astronomical! Literally, it's insane to do so.

  14. Being built.

    The condo bubble is speculative. Toronto I believe it more. Hard to say here. It was a good deal at the time or purchase.
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    ok so already paid but being paid - hope you had a price that won't cost you too much when the bubble goes.

    Last time I check we had like 1-2 LEED-compliant projects in Montreal, which kind of sucks. (someone in my family does enterprise-LEED projects so I hear a lot about that stuff,
  16. So in your simple calc you should budget for a new furnace, water heater, roof, etc etc and add in hydro and gas costs. And property tax. You'd be insane not to.
    Also the advantage to some condos is access. Take a car and gas/maintenance fees out too. There are many other home costs that aren't on there.

    Anyway, Condos are a simple investment. Sure there is /could be some money being lost vs a house but as you said earlier, at least it goes towards owning something vs renting.
  17. You wanna do the simple calc on the cost difference per square foot too then? lol
  18. Sure it costs more per sf. But There's a pool and gym in the place and numerous bars/cafes/parks footsteps from my door so that probably counts too. Don't need large Empty space if I'm not there most of my free time.

    I Suppose I could live in a 5000sf house in the country but that would be incredibly boring.
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    There are probably a lot of silver. My buddy J lives in a LEED silver there. Very cheap real estate there initial costwise.
    Now that your corruption trial thing is on Ontario firms will be moving in on that stuff. My gf does that kind of work, i don't do LEED cert, but design and sometimes work with this ppl
  20. What's a HVAC engineer doing in the lowest/hipster tax bracket anyway?
  21. You're right. It's a good thing you're gonna be 25 forever!
  22. Getting old has nothing to do with being boring.
  23. why am I arguing with two fabulous queens about lifestyle? This is the worst argument ever, the priorities are so wildly apart. OBVIOUSLY you guys don't care about wives and kids!
  24. My fig tree has two daddies!
  25. Actually, yes... we have a fig tree. Need to wrap it up in winter to keep it alive.

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