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    ahh, yet another quality resonse from transamman. hey, as long as you stay right here in front of your computer, talkin the talk, you'll never get chewed by a rotary engine on the track. you'd be undefeated!!!!

    Nice design, great engine, love the side-port mods.<!-- Signature -->
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    nice the 3 rotor renisis design is hardly a slouch tho<!-- Signature -->
  3. no torque. not fast. idiot car. peace
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    Torque is a nice commodity, but if this car can still launch to sixty fast and keep going, then does it really matter if it has oodles of torque? This is an amazing car, and an amazing engine.
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    The lack of torque will make for an even more enjoyable driving experience since you have to keep it in the long as it has a nice tranny that is.
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    There is no lack of torque. The torque speck on the RENESIS are a vast improvment over the original 13B Wankel rotary. If you've ever drivin one, you'll know that low torque in the dyno doesn't mean that the car won't jump off the line and run like hell. Anyway... with less torque than that I've smoked the tires off the line many times. Ahhhh the wonder of rpms... now a whopping 10,000!<!-- Signature -->
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    I love watching rotary's stomp on pussy piston cars...
    It spins so fast and they are so peppy...I don't think torque is a problem...with STREET versions torque isn't a problem...rotaries have crazy acceleration when it's needed...and a top speed ceiling that's limited by sheer guts...(Hmmm how hard can I push the engine without having to rebuild it)....
    The one and only down side to rotary engines is they are really really picky...(and old ones have terrible milage and leak a lot)
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    what do you mean picky?<!-- Signature -->
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    torque only matters when you have a shit car like a trans-am, cant wait to see it hit 60 under 5
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from transamman</i>
    <b>no torque. not fast. idiot car. peace</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    fool. thats all i can say. do you understand the laws of physics. horsepower (and weight) is what makes acceleration times, this car has both and your v8 camaro or whatever car you drive doesn't. hence rice pudding eats your all-beef patties.<!-- Signature -->
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    only people who haven't driven a rotary make the torque comment.
    they have a more broader torque curve than a piston engine - especially the renesis with its variable ports.
    i drive a turbo car with mountains of torque - almost as much as a vipers - and I *always* loose to rotorarys
    <!-- Signature -->
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    Rotary engine is probably one of the best engines ever made. Those guy claimed lack of torque b/c they've never driven one before. The Trans Am gives you lots of power and torque, but also drives you onto the wall... hey TA man, ask Audi for their Quattro, peace.
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    Rotary engines are the shit but they aren't space age. RX-7's had tons of problems with em... lets hope they got it right this time. I've noticed that there are no twin turbos on this thing, my question is... why the hell not?
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    Venomous, apparently it is you who dont understand the laws of physics. Torque IS the most important measurement of an engine. you can build nd engine with a thousand hoursepower and a pound of torque which wont be able to pull itself out of a wet paper bag. Torque is the measure of a force at a distance, refered to as twist when considering only the line of force. torque is what is transmitted to the differential through the drive shafts, not horsepower. The main advantage of a rotary engines high RPM's is the added inertia of the spinning masses. ie the rotors, transmission pieces, propshaft ect. that all transmits to energy which is transfered TO torque when it reaches all the way through the drive line to the wheels.<!-- Signature -->
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    What I meant by picky is you have to let them warm up before shutting them off and you have to be really careful about carbon deposits or else it'll lock up and there's a to of other little things that aren't really problems but just the engine being a little finicky about how it's well adjusting the port timing is an expensive trip to the machine shop (worth it though) as opposed to tossing in a new cam
    when racing though you rebuild engines more often than street you don't have to be concerned about that in a racing car
    To make a geek analogy here...
    it's like UNIX and windows...Unix is more powerful but you have to be a bit more knowledgeable and take care of it because almost nobody knows how to fix is trash and has no performance...but you also don't need any can f*ck it up something crazy and still have it limp around until you can fix it...and everybody and their kids knows how to fix windows...
    I'm sure you can see the similarities
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    torque? look at the s2000, 240hp and just over 150 torque, it doesnt need anymore then that cuz its not an overweight peice like the camaro or some other american shit car. 160 will do just fine, look at the last rx-7s! this car will definetly break the 5 second barrior, unlike american camaro's etc that need obscene amounts of power and just barely get beneath 6 seconds, they are shit and ugly.<!-- Signature -->
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    Are some of you guys on smack or something?!?! 1st off, how do you people KNOW the car will go less than 5secs in the 0-60 (96km/h) race?! Do you know how much it weighs?!!? NO!! 2ndly, the RX8 has about 2/3 the torque of the S6/7/8 RX7, and the RX7 only did that in 5.2sec and a 13.6 1/4mile ( figure is a bit fudged) so unless the RX8 is about 400kg lighter (take off .1sec per 50kg for a general rule) it will not get the same figures as the RX7. S2000 figures it may get (6.2sec 0-60 and 14.2sec 1/4 mile) but it won't be as quick as the RX7 off the mark and through the gears. Next off, this Transamgayman, you wouldn't know a quick car even if you were sucking on it's exhaust pipe!! You only have to look at Puerto Rico and Australia to know that rotaries totally kick ass!! Both countries have a heap of 7 and 8sec pro street cars, all 4cyl and rotary powered and there are a heap of street legal and registered 9 and low 10sec cars where I live dude. All rotary powered. If you are so disbelieving check out and scope out what some real small car power is about!! 13B turbo. mmmmm!! Yummy!! Gimme 20B anyday though!!
    Next off venomous, you anwsered your own question with the car you got!! How the hell are you only pulling an 11.4 with 540hp on tap?!?! No traction?!?! Either that or the ***** has NO TORQUE to speak of (which would be unheard of as it is an RB25 turbo!!) or....simply, you can't drive!! We've got VTEC Integra's here in Australia with only 410hp with only 200kg advantage getting the same times as you even with their FWD traction problems because they have a lot of torque aswell!!!! (look #2 in FWD records that I posted the link of.)
    Still I'd like to see RE-Amemiya (A japanese rotary workshop 4 the uninformed) get an RX8 and stuff a huge T88 turbo onto the renesis motor. :D Fun then!! ;) C yas!! Mafs!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Hmm...agreed on the torque topic. Not much is needed to propel a small and light car like a Mazda (no matter what will no weigh nearly as much as a TransAm/Camaro). But as all you other say bout the S2000, you forget it has VTEC and I find it is an overly picky engine...but luckily it has the rev limiter system. I drove a Prelude without one..and running on a warm engine...can you say (F*&^!!)?....I killed the VTEC =(

    Anyhow, Most 4banger Jap engine rely alot on engine tech while the good old bullet proof American engine rely on displacement and simple valvetrain...hence GMs LS1 and LS6...bout 5.7Litres..and tuned properly has shitloads of power...bout 400hp...if pushed I've reached a nice 600hp and still running fine =) These engines all run on a OHV train...with no really advanced vavle system like VANOS, VTEC, i-VTEC and VVT-i. It's just pure power.

    But as I was saying, yes the US engine are pretty impressive if you know how to move them, and yes they have shitloads of torque, thing is you need it for a car of such weight. But if you put it in a considerably lighter car like the Corvette Z06 (definite fun to drive), you get kick ass performance. 0-60 in what 4.2sec I think was called in Car and Driver =)

    Anywayz, as we were talking, rotaries definitely do not lack torque. If anyone has ever driven a rotary, or seen the spec sheet bout the torque curve, it puts shame to all those Valve Tech specs =P

    DA PUN<!-- Signature -->
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    I dunno about drag racing this car, but i think it would be a blast to take around a track! I hope the Speedvision racing series race these RX-8s when they come out!
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from damnedman</i>
    <b>I dunno about drag racing this car, but i think it would be a blast to take around a track! I hope the Speedvision racing series race these RX-8s when they come out! </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hell, if Mazda wanted to, I'm sure they could whip up a RX-8 for the ALMS GT class, and give BMW some competition too boot.
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    you people are all idiots except wohho, Horsepower is torque, Horsepower is the rate at which torque is applied. Go to school<!-- Signature -->
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    You obviously are the moron GTBugatti cause you didn't read or understand my reply properly. If a 400hp car does the same 1/4 mile time as a 540hp car, what is the main difference between them??? TORQUE!! The Integra pulls huge, flat torque figures and even with it's FWD disadvantage can get a time the same as a RWD 540hp car!! 100hp more than eliminates 400kg of weight advantage anyday. So get your understanding's right. Torque is what get's your car off the line quickly, Horsepower is what keeps your car going faster which is almost a complete agreement to what wohho is saying!! C yas!! Mafs!!<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from venomous</i>
    <b><!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from transamman</i>
    <b>no torque. not fast. idiot car. peace</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    fool. thats all i can say. do you understand the laws of physics. horsepower (and weight) is what makes acceleration times, this car has both and your v8 camaro or whatever car you drive doesn't. hence rice pudding eats your all-beef patties.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->so, could you explain why V8 cars like the Z28 "dont" have any torque or why they cant go fast!?<!-- Signature -->
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    Alright fellas, this is how I under stand it. I'm going all geeky on you here, but here goes: horsepower= torque*(rpms/5252). I'm a little rusty, but I think that's the formula. This means that cars that have a lot of hp may not have as high of a MAXIMUM torque, but they can apply it at a faster rate. So, if you have a lot of hp but low torque, you can just change your gear ratios and get good acceleration. Also, on a race track, 0-60 doesn't really mean a whole lot since you never come to a dead stop once the race starts(not that rotaries have bad 0-60s or anything though). So , if you're driving a rotary, just keep you rpms up. Also, did I mention that if Mazda had the $$ to experiment with, say, a 5.0 liter rotary, it would probably out do every production piston engine ever made. But Mazda is struggling right now, so they use the original size rotors in everything.
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    The torque definitely matters if you want to go lightning fast to 60 mph bringing friend's along. <!-- Signature -->

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