1. How is it that this thing strapped on two superchargers and added 375 horses, but not an ounce of torque? Also, I love the giant hood scoop, but then, my favorite car is the Boss 429 'Stang soo...
  2. Because the superchargers use torque for work, that's why the boost at low RPM, not at high RPM, like turbos, that use horspower (use the gases from the exhaust).
  3. Stop being stupid. Horsepower is a mathematical calculation based on torque.
  4. this has to be some of dumbest shit i have seen in a while. now exhaust gas = hp and superchargers dont make power at high rpm? super chargers produce boost by compressing air spun by a turbine. that turbine is spun indirectly by the crankshaft through a belt. this physical connection between the engine and the turbine means that the supercharger produces more boost and consequently more power at higher rpm.
  5. Acceleration is a mathematical calculation based on position.
  6. It is actually theoretically possible to lower peak torque and yet raise peak power. In this case, though, it's just incorrect info.
  7. It would only have to be turning a little over 9,000 RPMs.
  8. I didn't say not... your point is?
  9. "now exhaust gas = hp and superchargers dont make power at high rpm?" Where did I exactly say that?

    It's funny when dumb people don't understand what others say.
  10. Guys, let's not be hostile. This just has to be yet another typo by supercars.net.
  11. It's funny when retards won't own up to being retarded.
  12. Right, you must know it.

    You would surprise...

    I'm out.
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  14. Ya te quisiera ver tan siquiera intentando hablar español, seguro eres un gringo desgraciado que cree que es el centro del mundo y no se preocupa por aprender otros idiomas y exige que los extranjeros sí hablen el inglés al 100 por ciento, por eso el mundo se está yendo al hoyo. Una profecía maya dice que en el quinto sol, en unos años, los mares aumentarán y dos terceras partes de la tierra emergida quedarán bajo el agua, de la tercera parte restante, la mitad será México... así que si es cierta esa profecía (ojalá lo fuera), deberían tal vez ser un poco más considerados. Gracias por su atención.
  15. Unsurprisingly, you sound no less retarded in Spanish.
  16. Yeah, what he said.
  17. 800bhp ........yeah
  18. You make me laugh =D
  19. itsallaboutspeeed makes me laugh... he seems retarded too.... yeah to what??? we are studying in the same scool and he cant speak english, "yeah" is the only word he can spell right... he thinks that the plural word for "man" is "mans".... but, as all you other know, its "men"!!!!!!!!!!! Jimmy is a retard!!!!!
  20. Shut the hell up idiot. Now apologise to him or I'll ban you right now.
  21. you mean a typo by the people who posted, SC.net just hosts lol
  22. Sorry, i forgot to say that i love SC.net for doing what there doing, and i hope they continue
  23. I'll 2nd that
  25. Ok, people, you obviously haven't noticed that the speed, torque and 0-60 times are from the standard '67 Cobra 427?

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