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  1. Give me good torrents to download.

    Anime/Horror videos
    Metal/Electro music
    Arcade games that actually work

  3. samurai champloo, tenjou tenge and cowboy bebop
  4. I already have all the things listed, minus empornium lol.
  5. We have too similar taste in music for me to give you anything new then haha.
  6. Try Amon Amarth, Finntroll, darkest hour, Windir, between the buried and me, glass casket, neaera, and Ensiferum
  7. I have discographys of AA, Fintroll. The rest I am not a big fan of.
  8. Amon Amarth are going to be doing a headlining tour in november/december in the US you going?
  9. Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
  10. The Beatles Black Box.
  11. Hell yeah! I didnt know about that, let me see where they are goin.
  12. Charlotte: 11\29 Hell yeah!

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