Towing - Let's hope this idea doesn't catch on...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Monkey, Dec 29, 2004.

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  2. tow companies lobbying?
  3. Houston is one of the worst cities in America, such a shithole

    "As part of the program, motorists no longer will be allowed to change a flat tire on the freeway shoulder, walk to the nearest gas station to obtain additional fuel or call their own help"

    good so you now its better for cars goign 5mph on a tollway with cars going 65mph then having them stop off the main roadway and fix it.
  4. That it is. There are a lot of stalled cars on the freeway though.

    I can see towing a car if the person can't get it moved or resolve the situation within a couple hours, but to tow someone's car 6 minutes after they get a flat is utter bullshit. I've had to deal with so many tow trucks around here that I know they're all cut throat mother #$%#ers. #$%# them, I'll have my tire off before they even show up.

    Besides, what the #$%#. State law says you can't now a car until its been there 72 hours (when its considered abandoned) unless IT IS IN THE ROAD. That just burns me up.
  5. Agreeded, I cant stand Houston
  6. All true. I can understand if the car stalls IN THE LANE, but if the driver gets it pulled off to the side and is out of traffic, who cares? Let them have a couple days if they need it to get it fixed and off the side of the road...
  7. The suburbs are ok, its just when you get inside the 610 loop or near the inside of beltway 8 its absolutely irritating and shitty. Our city planners suck too, our mayor was a corrupt asshole and everyone knew this metro deal was some kind of scam. At least now they caught his ass.
  8. "As part of the program, motorists no longer will be allowed to change a flat tire on the freeway shoulder..."

    "Members of auto clubs offering roadside assistance will no longer be allowed to wait for that service to show up."

    Goddamn fascists.

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