Toyota 2000GT + Mazda Miata =

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by PandaBeat, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I really love those steering wheels.
  2. needs a LS1/LS7
  3. I was skeptical at first, but now I kinda like it.
  4. Not a fan. I love Miatas and 2000GTs, but it just doesn't work and looks akward to me. I'd rather just see a kit with lots of cues from the 2000GT and other Japanese cars from the era (240Z, Cosmo, etc) that is still it's own thing. Like a kit that makes it a '70s Miata that never existed.
  5. Cares were so beautiful back then
  6. Spyder made valid points and it doesn't look as good as a 2000GT, but I like it and it looks a lot better than a standard Miata.
  7. Why wouldn't they make it based on an old Z? They're dirt common and have MUCH closer lines.

    As has been mentioned this looks ok when not thought about as a replica, but merely a body kit for the Miata.

    ALSO WTF at that Mustang/Miata. I want to see a side profile on that. It's super WTF, but could almost be kind of cool.
  8. Like others have mentioned, I agree, a 2000GT based off a Z would definitely be closer. But regardless, that kit it kickass.
  9. Definitely needs a longer hood

    so a straight six will fit <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  10. Because the Miata is the best sports car of all time
  11. So? It looks awkward as hell. For something like this looks>performance. Besides old Zs are actually quite good anyway.
  12. Yes, but old Z's come pre-married with rust.
  13. wow, i love it
  14. Well if you're doing something like this it wouldn't be no thang to take care of that. Most of it'll probably be on the body, which a good portion(all?) of which would be replaced, anyway.
  15. You're saying it's financially viable for a company to spend money on making a kit for a car that's nearly impossible to find without rust all throughout it?

  16. Just STFU please. I've been in more Zs than you've ever seen on the road. Up until the mid/late 80s Japanese cars rusted, bad. Largely because they didn't do any rust proofing at the factory. This idea, like all of your ideas, is an awful one.
  17. Which is one great thing about Arizona, Arizona cars are almost guaranteed to be rust free.
  18. It's a mixed bag in Virginia. I live on the coast and people like to drive their cars on the beach (why I don't know) and the ocean spray tears them up.

    When I was a kid my neighbor had a 1st gen Celica. She said I could have it for $100 when I turned 16. When I was 14 the floor pan literally broke in half from the rust and it had to be towed away.....
  19. The look may not be similar, but the detail is awesome.
  20. I suppose not. I wasn't thinking about it from the perspective of some guy trying to just throw some bodykit on a car and rolling with it. I was thinking from the perspective of making some sort of a proper 2000GT clone car, a nice one. Like all the Shelby Cobras people spend 10s of thousands on, or a Super 7 Clone, or a Jaguar XK120 Clone, etc. In that instance a Z would be a vastly better starting platform because there's a possibility of it actually looking right.

    However if you're just trying to make a kit that looks nothing like the original but will be dirt cheap to throw on a car then I suppose a Z isn't the best choice.
  21. I want an MX5 with that interior mods
  22. for serious
  23. plus a mini/beetle headlight swap. and perhaps thesis tailights ...
  24. As the other pictures obviously prove, you can do a lot worse than get an old Miata and put a 2000GT body on it. It's not too convincing from the front 3/4 view, but from any other angle it has my blessing. Every so often in Japan you see an obviously retro car or a kit for an existing one. They're much better than all the horrible Diablo kits they try to pass off as the real thing over here.
  25. Yeah same here (usually) cars are mostly rust free, the ones laden with it are usually from alberta or the interior.

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