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  1. from my trip to japan heres the pictures of the 2000gt someone requested.
  2. This thread makes me sorely wish we still had the karma system because you definitely deserve a ton. I've loved this car since Gran Turismo 2 came out and it's been really hard to find decent pictures of it. Thanks a million!!
  3. A+
    I love this car!!!!!
    But i'd have mine in black or red!
    thanks again!!!
  4. I'm in awe.....
  5. so nice.bravo
  6. np. glad to help u guys out. heres the last one
  7. More please!!!!! (got any of the other cars?)

    Here are some more!
  8. you lucky SOB
  9. nice.. i do have the rest of the pictures.. theres a bunch, ill try posting them later. this museum had 3 floors of cars. bottom floor was old old euros, 2nd floor was americans.. 3rd was the japanese..
  10. The coupe has such an elegant profile... +1! Whoops, I guess we're not doing that any more.
  11. This deserves a bump, great pictures.

    This car looks great in pictures, and amazing in real life. It's easily among the most beautiful cars ever built. It's a real shame that Opel ripped off the design.
  12. What a beautiful car!! Thx<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  13. np, i think many cars have taken from this design.. im sure there were ones b4 this as well.
  14. The Opel blatantly ripped it off, to the point where I have to double take if I see one on the street. It appears to be smaller though.

    I'm pretty sure the 2000GT is an original design, although it obviously takes hints from some of the best looking cars of the time (like the E-type). It was styled by a German Count.

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