Toyota considering bailout

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  2. Aren't Japanese automakers heavily subsidized anyway?

    It's like the Toyota Motor & Fujisuzi Heavy Machine Canning Company
  3. 2 Billions? Pfffft
  4. one of my coworkers drives a Tacoma and he was joking about how toyota would never need any bailouts at all.
    I just found this mildly funny/stupid.
    Im sure the other brands in the Us will take turns asking for a bailout too.
  5. GM's execs probably spend more than 2Billions a month in douchebags and male strippers.
  6. They used to. now they wipe their ass with corn cobs and saturn fenders.
    I really cant fathom a company losing billions of dollars a month.
    Thats insane.
    The future of the car industry should be to build flexible plants that can be easily retooled to make different vehicles when the damnd for specific models rises and falls. toyota is the closest to achieving this. Ford is also dabbling in it. Its the smart way to go from here.
  9. Well they sure don't spend it on designers LOL
  11. I've been considering a bail out myself
  12. ahahhahha
  14. Alot of companies are following the trend set by the big 3
  15. should ask for bailout.
  17. Every car company is downsizing and producing less now. No cars are selling and every company has experience double digit drops in sales from last year. I hope no one is under the misconception that it is US auto manufacturers only feeling the pinch.

    Let the market sort itself out. Let the buyouts, mergers, and bankruptcies play out.

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