Toyota FT-1

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  2. I love it. I hope it doesn't become the next Scion tC or something.
  3. dudge vippr
  4. pointy nose
    like an italian woman
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    Toyota FT-1 Confirmed as Next-Gen Supra

    Toyota has confirmed that the FT-1 will become the next-generation Supra.

    The stunning concept took this year’s Detroit Auto Show by storm, and almost to the moment that it was unveiled, rumors started stirring that it would be the next-generation Supra. Now those rumors can come to a rest as it has been confirmed that the FT-1 will be produced as the next great sports car by the Japanese automaker.

    But that’s not all, as an entry-level coupe is rumored to also be in the works that will be slotted under the Scion FR-S and will be priced at around $16,000. The entry-level sports car’s development is rumored to be headed by Tetsuya Tada, the GT86′s chief engineer. Sources say that both next-generation coupes will form the base for a whole range of sports cars that will start joining Toyota’s lineup starting in 2016. As for what will be under the hood of the entry-level coupe, Toyota is exploring a 1.5-liter hybrid powertrain and is hoping for a 2017 debut.
  6. Awesome news in both cases.
  7. Reminds me of a Hot Wheels car.
    My inner child likes.
  8. saw it in person

    very #$%#ing nice
  9. yay
    my username has relevance again
  10. Actually can't decide
  11. I'll decide for you. It's awesome.
  12. Not bad at all.
  13. Its brilliant in person. The front end probably won't look so nice in production unless its hugely expensive. that front end is all one piece.
  14. Yeah, I mean sure it is. But something about it just seems, I dunno, kinda off in some way.

  15. Just say no to F1-style probosces. They don't look good on F1 cars, and they're not any more aesthetic or functional on road cars. Just...stop. Merceded tried that angle and it was ridiculous.
  16. The SLR is one of the best looking modern supercars, man.
  17. a whole lot of nope
  18. You like it because it looks like a huge d
  19. I think it's aged well. a proper classic design

    The side profile is fantastic too
  20. Not from the front, it isn't.
  21. Never particularly liked the SLR, and it never grew on me. For how much it looks like a dick, I always thought it was a girly car.
  23. I can't believe how wrong all of you are.
  24. I like the styling. I hope it comes with a DCT and maybe dry sump oiling. I'm sure the performance will be more than adequate.
  25. Sorry James, I ride the SLR hate train too. Well, not hate, but I don't like it very much.

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