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  1. I've been in an SLR before, I was pretty amazed at how average it felt. I did like the stirling moss edition though. Was lucky enough to see one in person in europe.
  2. it just looks like a dick.
  3. SL550 interior is just as good if not better

    it's also nearly impossible to get trapped in an SL550 because the door handle isn't hidden in some stupid location
  4. SLR is one of the best looking cars from recent times imo. The problem with it is it's also the ultimate 'penis extension' car, anyone driving one looks like a massive douche.
  5. Since the LFA toyota has been hitting only awesome on their sportscar projects. This is mad hot yo...
  6. yep on many counts
  7. thank god *someone* has some taste around here
  8. I was hoping the next Supra would still be within the realms of possibility for the blue collar car enthusiast.

    Fingers crossed its pricing is more towards the 370Z-GTR range rather than the GTR-991 Turbo S!

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    Toyota FT-1 Concept Re-Revealed With Sinister New Look

    If you weren’t fond of the Toyota FT-1 concept in a blistering red finish, perhaps this is more your style.

    The Japanese automaker will be unveiling a second version of its FT-1 concept at this year’s Pebble Beach Automotive Week, this time finished in what its calling a graphite shade, which is essentially a classy grey. The company has also revamped the interior outfitting it with what Toyota designers are calling “saddle.” Both versions of the FT-1 concepts will be on display in Monterey, California as Toyota hopes to further gauge consumer interest in North America.

    The original FT-1 concept debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show with a sporty red finish that also had a race-inspired interior. This time around, Toyota is wanting to see if the FT-1 concept can exude a more luxurious, premium feel simply be changing its exterior and interior colors.
  10. hope the glass on the engine cover's optional
  11. the proportions are spot on but i find the details terrible
  12. Yeah, it's not pretty.
  13. Looks like something that lives in the depths of the Marianas Trench
  14. yeah, it looks pretty bad, but I bet *when* or rather *if* this comes to fruition it'll be a 2 door camry weighing 4000 pounds. I really like Toyota and would love to see a great flagship GT sports car made by them again, but hate the path of modern cars, and especially in the NA market where being HUGE and heavy as #$%# is 'normal'.
  15. I agree. It actually has a good stance and the profile is not bad, very Supra, but the front and back details are disgusting.
  16. Keep it close to 50k keep all the hybrid garbage out of it, i can see myself in one. Price it too close to the gtr, and i my interest goes elsewhere. Namely gtr.
  17. ^this or the next FRS. I mean the FRS is great but I was hoping for something like the supra with double wishbone suspension and not crappy macpherson strut suspension.
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    I am just praying that they do not mess up the supra with some sort of shitty hybrid or something like that, that they did with teaming up with Subaru. I am hoping it is mostly Toyota made.
  19. This guy made 10 posts and never came back.
  20. Did you touch him inappropriately?
  21. that's exactly it.
  22. I love it. I hope I have it.

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