Toyota FT-86 Concept

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  1. I'm doing Civil Engineering... so yes, I will be getting a proper job.
  2. it seems he's on a trollfest, do not listen.
  3. CE=good job assuming he doesnt suck at it.
  4. sorry. I was unaware I had to open wide and accept everything toyota makes as good looking.
  5. Toyota is one of few car companies that keeps making cars that do absolutely nothing for me whatsoever. I just think it's a car.
  6. No, you just have to get off your dildo throne.
  7. he twisted your words man
  8. The CEO of Exxon mobile is a civil engineer from UT and he made 33 million dollars in 2008....
  9. okay?
  10. It's a pretty good looking car. But, that interior? Are you kidding me? #$%#ing PS3.
  11. Being random... I always thought Mechanical and petroleum/chemical engineers where the ones that the big bucks... Civil Engineering is than the rest.

    I'm an Jr. ME btw....
  12. he's giving you a target.
  13. oh wonderful.........a GTR is buttraping a 370z to make this....looks like the inbred slightly retarded cousin.

    MKIV supra looked good, then toyota just kinda puts out bland boring shit since then
  14. I want this with a chipped up turbo diesel.
  15. A cars looks today are more aerodynamically based than anything else. People saying it looks ugly are just ignorant. Unfortunately, I think they should have forgone the boxer engines and used the Lotus tuned Toyota engines that power the Exige and Evora.
  16. actually , since looks are a personal opinion, your fallacious statement is the most ignorant one in the thread.
  17. this was designed by an aerodynamicist
  18. Also, the toyota-sourced plants that lotus use are getting old now.. the 1zz and 2zz especially.

    they're good engines but it will get increasingly more difficult to make them meet emissions standards that get stricter year on year
  19. I'd say they're actually more safety regulations based than anything else.
  20. I agree with the tag on the first photo
  21. ditto.

    if they were dictated by aero you'd have a lot more pointy-looking cars... not good for pedestrian safety
  22. for the vast majority of cars it goes Safety, then style, then ergonomics, then aero.
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  24. looks like a redesigned celica

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