Toyota RAV4-EV Revealed

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    Toyota RAV4-EV Revealed: 100-Mile Range, $49,800

    Toyota unveiled its new electric RAV4 at the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles including new price, power and range information.

    Toyota said the all-electric RAV4 will be available later this year with a $49,800 MSRP. That price gets you a front-wheel drive RAV4 with an approximately 100 mile range. Toyota claims that the vehicle will fully charge in six hours using a 240V/40A charger, though that isn’t the typical at-home variety.

    “It’s all about blending the best of two worlds,” said Bob Carter, vice president and general manager of Toyota. “The all-new RAV4 EV marries the efficiency of an EV with the versatility of a small SUV – in fact, it is the only all-electric SUV on the market.”

    The new RAV4 has two driving modes: normal and sport. In normal mode 0-60 mph arrives in 8.6 seconds and is limited to 85 mph. In Sport mode, the dash happens a bit quicker at seven seconds, and the vehicle can achieve 100 mph. It features new battery technology from Tesla motors, and a 154-hp electric powertrain.

    There’s also a new high-tech exterior that includes low-power LED headlights, which help with power consumption. When the car debuts later this year it’ll be available in just three exterior color options: “Blizzard White Pearl”, “Shoreline Blue Pearl” and “Classic Silver Metallic.”

    Have a look through our gallery below to see the new car at several angles.
  2. American cars have better interiors now
  3. maybe but cant match the driving excitement /handling of the mighty toyota rav4
  4. the new camry has a pretty nice interior

    otherwise its like each year toyotas get worse to look at inside and out
  5. What an ugly piece of crap
  6. better than any american car ever
  7. $49,800?

  8. Kinda shocking it can do 0-60 in 7 seconds. Thats faster than a lot of entry level sports cars. I think the Honda crz takes almost 9 seconds.

    laughably bad interior for a $50,000 car.
  9. That's pretty awesome. Boring interior, yeah, but other wise pretty impressive.
  10. That's exactly what I thought.
  11. Rather pay $25k for a non-EV and have $25k leftover to use for gas so I could actually take a trip of 51 miles one way and still get home.
  12. Holy crap, couldn't agree more with this. There are actually some desirable cars for 25K too, unlike this extra-dull Toyota.
  13. Let's do some math.

    You could easily spend $25k on a standard Rav4, so we'll just use that number.

    I'm going to price regular fuel at $4.00 (the national average is $3.73 as of May 16) to somewhat make up for an eventual rise in price.

    If you spend $25k on fuel today you will have pumped 6250 gallons.

    According to a 4-cylinder Rav4 averages 22 mpg.

    This means you will spend $2182 per year on fuel.

    So in 11 and a half years you will have made up that extra $25k you spent on the electric Rav4.

    EDIT: You can also travel 350 miles on a tank vs. 100 miles per charge.
  14. ummm i thinkyou guys are missing the point, it's new tech so it's still expensive and hasnt caught up with petrol engines yet in terms of range.

    in a decade electric engines will be pissing all over petrol engines in terms of performance and range, and will be much more reasonable in terms of price. Much in the same way diesel engines have done.
  15. Yes, this is new tech. First EV ever on the market and the first rechargeable batter on the market. We just have to wait for economies of scale to kick in for these extremely new technologies.
  17. Electric engines have a lot of torque instantly, guess that's the reason.
  18. ugly car for the american market.
  19. Whats with the sarky comments? It is still new tech regardless of what you say
  20. Say what you want about the electric tech there is no excuse to make it that ugly
  21. yes but you havent factored in the cost that fossil fuels have on society

  22. spend $1000 on bike

    spend $24k on condoms
  23. how do you work out hp/l on electric cars tho
    i need to know that stat before deciding whether i like it or not
  24. it has 0 L and X HP
    So clearly infinite
    eat that CCXXRR8RSGTR/TypeRRCX
  25. i will afford you that yes

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