Toyota Recall 2010: Lexus Models Included

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    Toyota Recall 2010: Lexus Models Included – Toyota will recall some Lexus models in Japan and the United States, after claiming that there could be as many as 270,000 Lexus cars worldwide including the Lexus HS 250h that have a defective valve, which causes strange noises and possible stalling while the car is in motion.
    It is believed that 90,000 cars in Japan need to be recalled, and on top of this 137,000 Lexus models need to be recalled from the United States. Recalling these cars is not going to come cheap to Toyota; the estimated financial cost is around $228 million. This figure will not damage Toyota financially, but news of another recall will hurt their reputation, which is in tatters after a terrible year full of recalls. Earlier this year Toyota recalled around 8 million cards due to a faulty acceleration problem. Later on in April, Toyota had to recall around 13,000 Lexus cars after reports claimed the vehicle was a risk because there was a chance it could roll over when involved in an accident.

    Toyota will tell the Japanese transport ministry on the 5th July; this is so they can start the proceedings for a recall. They are then expected to ‘take similar action’ in the United States.
    Toyota is the biggest manufacture of cars worldwide today, however, after this latest recall it is predicted that Toyota will lose a further share of the market in the US, to US car manufactures and other Asian car manufactures. Hyundai has seen sales of their cars raise by 35% in the US over the past year.
    All the vehicles involved are Lexus sedans with V8 or V6 engines. Models that could be involved in the recall are model year 2007 and 2008 GS 350 and 450h, 2008 GS 460, 2006 through 2008 IS 350, 2007 and 2008 LS 460 and LS 460L and the 2008 LS 600hL.
    Lexus can be reached at 800-255-3987.
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  5. Good info, I have a friend who has an LS460 that just dropped a valve and the dealer wants a shit ton of money to fix it.
  6. So Toyota is losing their only selling point
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  8. It really isn't. Unless you're talking a Grand National or GNX.
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  23. Has Toyota recalled its entire lineup yet?

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