Toyota Venza Axed

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    How could a Camry-based crossover fail?

    That’s probably what the collective minds at Toyota Motor Sales USA thought when they launched the mid-size utility vehicle back in 2009.

    Now, after just one life-cycle the Toyota Venza is being removed from the automaker’s lineup. A rare failure by the Japanese automaker’s US division, the Venza sold 54,000 units in its first full year on sale according to and has declined steadily ever since. Sales for 2014 were just shy of the 30,000 unit mark.

    Toyota sells that many Camrys in a month.

    Assembly of the Venza at Toyota’s Georgetown, KY plan will cease in June, or at least assembly of models for the US market will, with export models being built until 2017.

    The news comes as Toyota begins retooling that plan to manufacturer the Lexus ES – which will become the first made-in-America Lexus model.

    Toyota has not said if it will replace the Venza with an additional model. Rival automaker Honda has had lackluster success with its Venza-rival, the Crosstour, while Ford has found continued success with the Edge and has just launched a new model for 2016.
  2. Because the Subaru Outback exists.
  3. first post in asain cars in a month

    the #$%# happened to this car segment?
  4. my friend has one and says its an awesome family car, so practical and lots of spcace. He's definitively a fan
  5. Sounds like he should own a minivan. And maybe have a bicycle with a basket on the front to carry the bag his wife put his balls in.
  6. you'll understand when you have kids
    but I hope you won't have kids neither
  7. I have kids. So I own a four door car and a truck. A truck made of steel and Brawn.
    Youre ju at biased because your friends wife probably has your balls in the same bag.
  8. FYI I am just #$%#ing with you. They are decent cars.
  9. you seem to talk alot about testicles and maybe a car forum isn't the right audience?
  10. Are you envious?
  11. envy about balls? are you serious?

    this discussion is getting wierder by the comments.
  12. I'm probably in the minority (among enthusiasts at least) but I don't hate the venza. Would never own one but its not awful.
  13. have you been reading any of the posts in Gen Chat for the last 10 years? lol

    This place is so gay.
  14. I had to google what this car was because we don't get it. Good riddance. I hate crossovers. What was wrong with an estate car?

    SUVs have ruined most normal cars. Why does everything has to have a "commanding driving position"?
  15. kinda but it's gay-ok
  16. Pictures give this car the wrong proportions. It was kinda an estate with higher ground clearance. That's why I'm sad they're axing it, it was actually a unique car on the road, now we're left with Rav4 and highlander.
  17. Higher ground clearance. Why? It's not like the average owner of a Toyota Venza is going to go green laning any time soon.

    Putting a normal car on [pointless] stilts just makes it needlessly heavier and we all know weight kills everything you want to improve in a car. The end result is surely a compromised, or even handicapped version of a type of car that was perfectly fine the way it was?

    Ugh, I just hate crossovers. UGH.
  18. You were in Chicago in the summer, you should see winters here; high ground clearance is really useful for it.
  19. Ground clearance isn't as big a help in snow as it is in other conditions. Snow is easily compactible. Your vehicle will happily drag its chin and belly through snow all day if you have traction.
  20. When the streets arent plowed after like a foot of snow, the roads become like tracks. If someone in front of you gets stuck and you need to turn around, good #$%#ing luck not having ground clearance. You can get easily get hung up on the mound that freezes in the middle. Also potholes, those huge tires are probably pothole proof.
  21. Depends on how heavy the snow is.
  22. a texan lecturing on snow is interesting <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  23. He's from Michigan
  24. Aw man <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  25. He should get the keys to the city of Ann Arbour. Who on earth outside America would know about that town if it weren't for him?

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