toyota vs. honda

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  1. my vote goes to toyota.
  2. Honda because they have the S2000, NSX
  3. Honda has the superior engineering, but Toyota is the winner if your talking about this in a business point of view.

    As a car fan, I pick Honda.
  6. Honda has more passion....Toyota just wants to be in every driveway

    That being said (and having owned both) the quality level is coming down in both Honda and Toyota. Haven't been too impressed with my last two of each:

    1) GF's 2003 Element: Just had brakes done at 50,000Km. She drives like an old this is complete BS.

    2) 1998 Accord Coupe V6: Alternator at 100K, Ignition Coils at 160K, about 3 rear driver side calipers (although they covered it), stuck ignition switch, EGR valve stuck open, and now the paint on the roof is fading in two spots.

    3) 2006 SC430: At 20K, Heads giving me a problem...had them switched over. Fuel pump has failed twice. Sold the car.

    4) 2004 Camry (on loan for 3 months): 40K at the time - huge brake fade, interior plastic tended to pop out during hot weather, leaky windshield and trunk, rough idle.

    I've also worked as a consultant for both companies. Honda is the better company to work for by far. Toyota does NOT follow the "Toyota Way" in it's principles anymore. They only care about growth...and are shooting themselves in the foot long term.

    Toyota also has a higher debt to equity ratio in Japan. With Japanese interest rates now climbing (above 0 percent - as they've been for the past 5 years), this may hurt Toyota more, assuming they continue to burn their cash at the same rate.
  7. toyota does it for me
    i'll admit that honda does often have better engineering and they push their engines further, but if they continue to stick to such horribly small displacements (except the accord, which is decent but not a sports car), there is a limit to how much power they will be able to generate, and toyota will catch up.
    if honda is willing to use larger engines (just use the accord engine, but tune it more), they will dominate. but they seem to flatly refuse and believe that fuel efficiency is more important than power, which pisses me off.
    finally, about final masterpieces: the supra (after weight reduction) kills the s2000 (duh, 1 liter difference in displacement!!), and the mr2 is more nimble than the nsx, though who would win is probably dependent on the driver...
  8. Toyota is boring ... and Honda is overhyped ...

    I chose neither but out of the two I would rather own a honda
  9. Toyota. Because their name is longer.
  10. Honda, but I own an MR2 because it's midengine.
  11. honda

    S2000 [MR2 cannot compare]
    Prelude [Celica cannot compare]
    NSX [Nothing toyota made can compare]

    also on the practical side

    the carolla cannot compare to a civic, especially the civic SI
    and this may be disputed but the camry is NOTHING compared to the accord, especially since they dont make a two door camry
  12. i really dislike the accord, maybe because my parents own a camry. from my experience, the camry is a more comfortable ride.
  13. Sport cars Honda
    Trucks Toyota.
  14. Sports cars: Honda
    Everyday cars: Toyota
  15. Sports car: Mazda
    Everyday cars: Mazda
  16. winner
  17. both are overrated. i think toyotas quality has dipped ever so slightly in recent years while honda has essentialy been praised for 2 decades for the same vtec system theyve done little to change while everyone else was busy figuring out that more displacement is better in every way possible than 2 cam profiles
  19. toyota is GM Jr., thus Honda wins.
  20. if u count the ridgeline as a truck, i really like that
  21. Honda is lame... They have only made 1 car I like, the NSX. All their FWD 4 banger cars are good for what they are... but not my cup of tea. Toyota has made more cars I actually like so I voted for them. Supra, MR2, Old Celicas and Corollas, Celica GT4, and others.
  22. Toyota. Tho Honda currently has a nicer lineup when it comes to sportscars, i respect Toyota and their ability to come up with masterpieces that are Different from each other, like the mkIV Supra and those previously mentioned. Honda doesnt seem to stray from VTEC at all. Toyota also maintains/exceeds standards on their everyday drivers as well (not like Honda doesnt), although styling is sometimes quite bland.
  23. I just like Honda's cars better. That said we (my family) currently have a Camry. I've been trying to convince my dad to buy me a civic or integra.
  24. Miata isnt a sports car. Neither is the RX8.

    What else have you got, GENIUS........

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