toyota vs. honda

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  1. "Miata isnt a sports car"


    a small two door convertable isn't a sports car? hahahahaha!

    you couldn't buy a clue.
  2. DO you consider your lil Lancer a sports car cuz its got 2 doors? rofl.

    A sports car has performance figures.Gutless cheap and nasty piece of shit. A car does that does 0-100 in over 7 seconds, ISN'T a sports car. Roof or no roof is irrelevant. It gets put in the same category as the Barina / Corsa convertible.

    So using your theory, the Barina and Astra Convertible are sports cars too? rofl rofl rofl. Go back to your fully hectik Lancerrrrr and get a clue..

    For a car that costs $57K + on roads here in Oz, I'd expect more. Glad I talked my missus out of one. After what happened last night she took her deposit off the new MX5 and went to the nearest Honda dealership and got a top of the range Euro Accord instead <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>.
  3. You know the Accord Euro luxury does like low-mid 7s and handles worse than the MX-5? Yeh, sick move there.
  4. Here the S2000 costs more than 100K american dollars and does the 0-100 in like 6 seconds. So, for a car that costs that much money on roads here in Uruguay, I'd expect more. It ISN'T a sports car.
  5. Considering Spec Miata is one of the largest RACING organization/class around, I would say they are more of a "sports" car than many other cars out there...
  6. WTF. lies?
  7. Again, I speak purely as a car fan, not a business man. A businessman would simply say Toyota has better cost efficiency and better quality overall and move on. But let me elaborate abit more.

    Another reason I pick Honda is that Toyota is doing such a lame job in motorsports. Further proof they are behind Honda in terms of racing. Toyota pulls out of Lemans after failing to win multiple times. They pull out of WRC when they get pissed that their Corolla WRC fails to win a championship within hundreds of meters from the finishline. They then restructure and enter F1 in 2002, but have they achieved anything despite having the biggest budget, one of the best engines and one of the best technical directors? I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to pull out after this season. Also, the Supras they built over the years were Porsche knockoffs until they finally built a proper one and then decide to axe it in 2002.

    By comparison, look at Honda. One of their core philosophy is competitive improvement through motorsports. Honda was the only team outside Europe, let alone from the other side of the planet in the 60's when they were active in F1. Can you believe they intentionally hired B level drivers to highlight their car's performance? Not content with their championship in the 60's they returned again to propel Senna to a god-like status. And then they come back yet AGAIN to have a go. To me, that's pure passion. If you drive any Honda from a mere Jazz all the way up to the Legend, the engine has a slightly racy feel to it, and that's very good. BMW is the only other mass car maker that does that. I agree such avid fanboyism is annoying, but they do have a point. Its just that you don't want to be lectured at every bloody day. Lastly, Honda made one proper NSX co developed with Senna not unlike the schumacher-enzo ferrari relationship. And they built the bloody thing for 14 years at a loss!! For me, thats only possibly because they are passionate about cars. During that period, a comparable 911 recieved 4 evolutions and the Ferrari 348 which was also comparable got 3 evolutions. 14 years for a single car is some absurd dedication for such a mass manufacturer.

    This is why I picked Honda.
  8. Its her car not mine. Its also her parents money not mine. Like a model needs a convertible anyway. SHe cant drive stick, so she requires an auto. What fun is an automatic convertible? Its pointless.
  9. S2K: 0-100 in 5.4 seconds. Not 6. ANything on or around 6 is repectable.

    $100K US for a new S2000? rofl, man I feel sorry for your #$%#ing country. Thats like $120K AUS. Now granted, I'd never buy an S2000 new @ $120K AUS, let alone the MRRP of $80K AUS, but they are a bargain at the price I paid 2nd hand.

    Uruguay. I'd expect more. It doesn't even count as a country <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>.
  10. Thats because they are cheap pieces of shit that every man and his dog can afford. They cost nothing to fix and anyone can buy one cheaply enough to go racing with if they want.

    Add in the fact its a convertible, and every 40yr old mid life crisis has found the perfect car for a cheap price.
  11. The Miata is a sports car.
  12. Would you consider the car in your avatar a sports car?
  13. Civic Si vs Corolla XRS. S2000 vs...
    With the current lineup, I'll go with Honda.
  14. If a MX5 isn't a sports car, neither was the MGB when it was released.

    Oh wait, you don't know what you're talking about!
  15. nothing is more reliable than a VTEC engine FULL STOP
    and for the price, nothing comes close technological wise
  16. yes. Much more so than any Miata. It handles with extremely quick snaps of the steering wheel, and has the hp to boot. Forget the 9k redline jdm vtec yo and appreciate the car for its handling capabilites. For the price it is new here in Oz, it would want to tho. I wouldn't buy one new, and I sure as shit wouldn't spend $57K on an new Miata.
  17. The MGB was [and still is] a classy car to own and drive.

    There is nothing classy about a Miata that comes stock standard with Altezza / clear tail lights.

    The MGB was, and still is a refined touring sports car, a joy to own and drive. [My old neighbour had a royal greeny colour one, forget the technical term]
  18. Fair enough...I can only debate so much since arguing what a sports car is on the same level of arguing what a supercar is (as you have seen numerous threads in the past.) The actual term is broad and more opinion based eventhough Mazda and numerous mainstream publications call it a sportscar.

    There is the sports suspension option offered by mazda for better resposive steering (if were just comparing factory specs.) I think we both can agree the aftermarket turns these cars into amazing handlers...

    At least here in the US, miatas are cheaper than S2000's.
  19. eb110ss4life doesn't know what a sports car is. This is hilarious.
  20. Threads of this nature are hilarious.



  21. I WILL PUNCH EB110SS FOR LIFE IN THE FACE <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  22. It would be honda for me. Toyota is serioulsy lacking a sports car. While honda at least has a S2000.
  23. The term 'sports car' has zero to do with the term 'classy'. The MGB is a sports car. The MX5 is a modern day MGB, thus making it a sports car. You can argue about this 'til the dingos come home if you so please, but you'll be wrong, no matter what.
  24. You can go buy your lil piece of shit 1st gen Mx-5. thats fine, you come from NZ, its expected. Thats your perogrative. I couldn't give a #$%#. But if you're happy to look like a #%$got in a red rice bubble, you obviously have homosexual tendencies.

    EDIT: COmparing an MX5 to an MGB is a #$%#ing insult.

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