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  1. You know, someone who drives an S2000 probably shouldn't be talking shit about Miatas. They're pretty much the same car with slightly different exteriors, and the S2000 has a little more power.
  2. Same car? rofl. When I turn a corner at speed, I don't understeer out the otherside of the corner. When it I hit the brakes, it stops. As for power..... your definition of "a lil" is obviously screwed up.

    Considering the fact your comparing a 1999 model car, the S2000, to a 2006 model car, the Miata, I think Mazda coulda done just a weeeeeeeeeeee bit better in the HP department, when all things considered, the only other new cars that come out with that lil HP are #$%#ing cheap ass Hyundai's and other Korean crap.

    2006 Mx5: 170 hp 1150 kgs
    1999 S2000: 240 hp 1220 kgs
  3. they are both way to boring for me to really like either one, each has one fun car, but as a brand i find that they really just dont suit me. its like pontiac, sure they have the solstice, but everything else is lame.
  4. Stop being retarded.
  5. NSX, S2000, ITR, nationwide racing series on multiple levels, cheap to build racecars, 60,000 RPM is sweet, Accord slightly less boring than Camry.
  6. I've driven all three generations of MX5, along with the S2000. If you think the MX5 has such horrible understeering tendancies, you probably shouldn't be allowed to throw anything with remote sporting qualities into corners out of public, and your own safety.

    And the MX5, along with what it represents, has nothing to do with horsepower. How the hell is this so hard for you to understand?
  7. My Miata handles better than your nonexistant S2000, so there
  8. honda over toyota

    cristofurr is right, if you cant get oversteer out of a mx5 your retarded.

    lets remember the mx5 costs nearly half as much as a s2k, of course it has less power.

    "If you're not fast with 90hp 900hp won't help you"
  9. I also find it funny when an S2K owner calls the comparison between an MGB and MX5 a '#$%#ing insult', when even the most hardcore MGB purists regard the MX5 as it's modern day equivalent, and many of them own both.
  10. May I ask where you drive it? Wasn't just a highway run of nothing but straight roads and speed limits was it?

    I went for a fang up Springbrook Mountain here, lots of extremely tight twists and oppertunities to get on the gas quick out of the corners and enjoy the [rather bumpy] ride. After 5 corners in the 3rd gen shape Mx-5, I had no confidence in its ability to turn in at pace. Twice it understeered out the other side over the double lanes. It just doesn't turn at speed, all that well.

    Sports Car: S2K
    Sporty Car: MX-5
    People obviously fail to know the difference between a "sports car", and a "sporty car"...... a sports car handles like its on rails, and has the up and go torque & hp to match. A "sporty car" is an Astra Convertible and MX-5, with a lack of performance in both handling and power.
  11. My S2000 handles better than your piece of shit Miata, so there.
  12. Dude, stop sucking Honda's cock. The MX-5 handles just as well as an S2000. To quote wheels:

    "McKay says
    Here is automotive heaven with 46 virgins. So balanced, so chuckable; the ultimate plaything. Fling it into a turn too hard, lift off and it pops out the tail, begging to have fun. Nail it and it’ll hang it out for as long as you ask. Brakes are the business, too. Feels very swift on the circle, with terrific grip from the Michelin Pilots, and simple to keep in tight with throttle-steering. Pinpoint precision steering whizzes it through the slalom, the tail flicking out delicately to get it pointed in the correct direction. Jeez … I even liked the Activematic sequential six-speed... "

    It pulled the most Gs of any car they tested in the handling olympics, beating the M3 by 0.06 Gs. Now, are you saying the M3 isn't a sports car either?

    In a classic David v Goliath battle that pits MX-5 against M3, it’s interesting to note the roadster underdog packs an additional 0.06G worth of cornering potential and a half-second advantage in the slalom. That’s an edge of almost seven percent and two percent respectively. The M3, obviously, obliterates the Mazda everywhere else – and so it would want to.

    Obviously it can't handle for shit, since there's no way an MX-5 that cost 40K could be as good as your S2000 which was 80K new.
  13. 'Sporty car'? Haha. Nothing beats making up a class of car to prove a point.
  14. Your a #$%#head who doesn't read an entire thread.

    1. You'd see in both threads, I've bagged Honda and the S2K for price, the ITR and CTR, and other things. If you'd frequent other areas of this forum, and other popular forums in general, you'd see I bag Honda often for its stupidity.
    2. An MX5 costs $57K + on roads.

    Let me ask you this: Do you honestly consider the C6 Z06 a supercar?

  15. What the #$%# does that have to do with anything? I don't care if you bag honda out at other times, the S2K isn't the be all, end all of sports cars. Its a one trick pony and the newer versions don't even rev as high as they used to. In its price range its serverly underpowered and outperformed, if anything the S2K isn't a sports car. Think of it this way, there are cheap sports cars Clio Cup, MX-5, Mini Cooper S, etc., midrange sports cars like the RX-8, S2K, Corvette, etc. and then there are premium sports cars like the Z4, 911, SLK55 AMG, boxter, cayman, etc. They are all sports cars, just they are at different, price/performance points in the market.
  16. If the S2000 isn't a sports car, then sure as shit the Miata and RX8 aren't either. For the fact the S outperforms The RX-8 in terms of.... everything.

    The Clio is a great car. I've read many-a-review about how good it is. I used to think the same of the MX-5 until I took one for a drive and realised its a bucket of shit.
  17. You've never driven an MX5, that much is clear. Or maybe you just have absolutely no idea how to drive a car.
  18. Dude, the Rx-8 manual is about a second quicker to 100.
  19. funilly enough at the back of the july Motor magazine they complained about the s2k's handling and gave it 3/5. meanwhile the 30k cheaper mx5 was critised for lack of power and received a 4/5. weird huh *sarchasm*.
  20. wouldn't the camry solara be a 2 door camry? but it sucks.
  21. 100k american? that is way overpriced.

    here it costs 30k USD.
  22. Yea, that is totally rediculous. He's said a bunch of other cars cost a shatload there too. Seems kind of weird that the price would be so incredibly high...
  23. lol
  24. 4 serius
  25. *sighs*

    I give up. A one man army can't take on the world.

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