Toyotas in Combat

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by catphish, Nov 29, 2004.

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    Not a joke.

    I went to LV last summer to visit family. I have my friend drive me to SJC. In an Evo. He pops in a CD. Made by Memorex, division of Mitsubishi Chemicals. Get out of the car, taken in a golf cart to the gate. I look under the dash. Made by Mitsubishi. I get on the plane. I watch a crappy movie. On crappy Mitsubishi TVs. I get off. I get on the tram at McCarren. I look on the manu plate in front. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. I get off. I get my bag off of the MHI luggage carousel. I go out front. I'm picked up by my cousin. In an Eclipse. Driving down the Strip, we nearly get T-boned by a Fuso. I stay. Aunt takes lots of pics with a Nikon. I go home. Same shit. I am driving home. I see a big container ship in the bay. Says Mitsubishi Star. Get picked up by my dad. He goes home and works on an Egyptian beer he got off the Kirin website.

    This is all true. I shit you not.
  3. You had no point. Why would we not buy a vehicle from Japan when countless soldiers are equiped with weapons from Europe?

    In fact the US is looking to replace the AR-15 with the XM8. A GERMAN made rifle.
  4. That is going to be made here. Hopefully.
  5. too late we already found one no wait we found several in fact one of them is you your little friend BBstachs and others.

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  6. yeah they go to japan.. to make all those "grocery getters" you bash so much yet need for you to get around in!

    dam ignorance must be your middle name... sad yet im not suprised.
  7. I was about to respond to this and then I saw where you said constipated monkey and began to lmao, damn your stupidity has reached new levels.
  8. Show me where I bash "grocery getters", you can't because I don't. Illiterate must be your middle name just look at every single post you make, it is a disgrace to your elementary teachers.
  9. pull his hair pull his hair!!!

    anyways i believe that they purchased the toyotas for their ruggedness, and realiablity its just that simple. no matter what conditions the toyota will keep running so they just don't want to get stranded, also keep in mind its not like they bought a whole army of these toyotas, just a few not thousands to replace their whole motorized line of combat vehicles
  10. ahem..look at every thread which talks about japanese cars or in this thread.

    to my elementry teachers eh? thats to show how ignorant you really REALLY are.
  11. bowtie, really though, i think he is right , your are in every thread related to imports especially japanese cars, but i have not once seen you say a good thing about them, your usually, bashing them, thats just the truth, now you need to just admit it.

    your a fanboy, be proud to say it please, don't try to deny it.
  12. Nobody cares what you think anyhow, and if you knew anything, anything at all, you would know that I am without a doubt the biggest GM and Corvette fan here and EVERYONE knows it, and I have said it again and again, and if you actually read these threads you would see that the majority of my posts regarding Japanese cars do not bash them.
  13. ii obviously don' care about what you have to say thats why i don't read what you post,

    and you don't bash them because your trying to keep up your image because all the senior members will get mad that you are being such a close minded fanboy
  14. First off this a thread, it is in a forum. Second, you are the dumbest person on by far seeing as you didn't understand what I meant about you being a disgrace, your a sad little man.
  15. Thanks for telling me how I feel about Japanese cars. If you don't read what I post how do you come up with this idea that I don't like Japanese cars? Keep my image up, hahahahahaha, you know nothing.
  16. i'm tired ima go home soon, we'll argue some more tommorow if i feel like it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> so wait for me ok honey!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  17. Pickup trucks are designed to carry things.
  18. Backing down already? I should have expected nothing less.
  19. Ok El Total #$%#up show me where I say something bad about the Tacoma or any Japanese car in this thread.
  20. ok so you dont like the tacoma because it is a waste of tax $$.

    spyder has listed many weapons and vehicles the the USA army use that are from abroad. what do you think about that??
  21. but with the full time heavy load, and off roading

    i would assume that it would need a little bit power or suspension work
  22. It has nothing to do with the Tacoma, it's a politcal thing that has nothing to do with the Tacoma, I'm criticizing the US government not the Tacoma. As for the second part I have already stated how I feel so if you want to you can just read the other posts.
  23. Mitsubishi/Fuso was one of the "first four" of Japan (Along with Sumitomo, Fuji, and I can't think of the fourth). They've been building just about everything available in the country since the 1800's. In addition to manufacturing they have banks and gas stations (both of which I frequent-an account with their bank and they have the cleanest fuel at the highest octane at the pump).

    As for the U.S. military buying "Japanese" trucks.....they buy what does the job for the lowest cost to save the U.S. gov't money. Additionally, find me one vehicle (just one) that doesn't use foreign parts anywhere in its construction. That aside, you obviously don't understand the world economy......what if everyone in the world thought as you did? We certainly wouldn't be where we are now....

    The H1, for all of those who don't know, isn't living up. The military is looking to doing away with them because they are designed to handle the 4000lb body armor that is being strapped to them......and in fact are looking into buying super trucks, designed to handle the additional load.
  24. ok the way i understand it, this is your view for economic reasons. more specifically for taxed dollars being kept in your country, rather than self sufficiency.

    lets remember Japans relationship with the USA, especially in a military sense.

    Industries that are guarenteed sales from their govt. generally get lazy. this potentially leads to an industry that is technologically inferior and eventually inneficcient compared to their competitors (look at Hawaii's sugar industry). the amount of cars the US Govt. would buy would be huge. so with the long term in mind, a domestic only policy could harm the US auto makers products, and could force the govt. to change from such policy. thus creating uncertainty and reducing demand for the us owned companies.

    By considering foreign makes the govt. is promoting competition within the industry, which would make local industry more efficient and more capable of making a competitive product. oh and more adaptable to change.

    another reason is that you want the best for your army. could you imagine the english army only driving their domestics vehicles in the more recent past (10-30 years ago).
  25. The Tacoma is made in Baja California. And for the geographically challenged that's actually MEXICO

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