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    A TransAm/Camero/Mustang could cost $5000 brand new with 400hp, it could run a 9 second quarter mile stock, it could do better lap times than a Porsche and it would still just be plain ugly and poor quality. And to top it all off, the very day the new model TransAm/Camero/Mustang comes out, you may as well go to the store and pick up a mullet wig, because you just became the biggest piece of trash on your block. Your neighbors make fun of you behind your back, women laugh at you, really you are a sad embarrasment. Buy a Japanese or German car and 10 years from now you'll still be the envy of all.

    Take my word for it, I've driven a 1998 Trans Am and a 2001 Mustang GT and I now drive a 2001 Honda Prelude. Of course the Trans Am and Mustang could kill my Prelude in a race, but I'd take the Prelude any day. I love cars and hence I want to "DRIVE" a car, not "CAPTAIN" a ship. I want a car that looks good inside and out, not sounds loud.

    Another thing that people always forget in this Japanese/American arguement is that driving a unique car is desirable. Every piece of trash in the U.S. has a crappy muscle car. You can't even get a mile from your house without seeing 2 or 3 dozen other trash american muscle cars go by. Why not buy a car that's a little less common? Well, I guess common people like a common car.
  2. i just think it's pretty funny how transamman and formula350 or whatever his name is have no response when anybody brings up how fast their precious trans ams would be on a road track compared to an boys, what do you have to say? my guess would be nothing...
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    Yes, and how many times have you run a NSX or your own car at a course. Notice how people like you never have any experience or even stats either they just expect everyone else to bring the info to them. Does it really matter to you if they whip out one of the recent Car and Driver magazines where they tested these cars at a track and read the numbers to you? Or are you just happier being utterly ignorant to what F-bodies do? Go and find your own info, or shut up and enjoy your little fantasy that all American cars handle worse than shopping carts.
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    ok, so since you're obviously the all-knowing, all-powerful car expert (hope you're picking up the sarcasm), why don't you tell us about the handling of a souped up trans am from what i'm sure is your vast amount of experience? and for the record, i've never said that american cars have shitty handling...the viper and corvette are great, but most muscle cars like a chevelle or something aren't made for handling...don't get me wrong, those are great cars and i'd love to have one.

    if i said that all american cars handle like shit, that would be about as stupid as you thinking that imports can't handle themselves on the drag strip
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    k im sorry but american muscle cars werent made for handling, notice the term MUSCLE, if you soup up the block (supercharge it) you NEED to put better suspensions on it or else it will literally break down on the turns, just like the mustang 5.0 it killed anything on the drag but as soon as it took a turn the oppenent wasted it.
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    Actually, Corvettes are great, if I had to pick the best American Car, than it would be Corvette. But Vipers? I've seen them on the track, it's terrible. It spun out like once every two laps when the track was dry, and when it rained later that day, the driver didn't even dare to bring it onto the track.

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