Trading my Fusion for a 1970 Chevelle

Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by Zotic, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I am currently in talks with a guy about trading my 2010 Ford Fusion for a 1970 Chevelle SS Clone with a 350 small block, 3 speed automatic. Clean and nicely done interior, straight body. Not a show car, but a good driver. It would become my daily driver, and I really don't drive much anyways except on the weekends.I am really considering it but want some actual feedback.
  2. What's wrong with the Fusion that your willing to trade it for a 42 year old car?
  3. I will need pictures to tell you if this is a good idea or not.
  4. classic car =/= daily driver
  5. Nothing wrong at all, but I bought the car with the intention of using it as a family car and daily commuter, but because I am no longer getting married and am stuck living on base, I would like a more fun car to drive. Maybe its just an early midlife crisis, but I honestly just want something to take my mind off of all the things I am dealing with. The guy decided on trading it for a Mini Cooper S for his wife.
  6. #$%# it. bite the bullet and get it. nothing worse than thinking about doing something then not doing it

    the only thing i would say is get a manual rather than auto, but if they are hard to come by then i guess you dont have a choice?
  7. Not necessarily true. It really comes down to how well you maintain it, your weather and whether or not you have a backup vehicle. If the chevelle was re-done with proper paint and body work, it should be very rugged. Mechanically, E-rods are the new thing, and stuff like LS swaps, modern suspension and braking components can have them running just fine.

    Remember, back in the day, the 70 chevelle was just an everyday daily driver. It wasn't til the 90s that they really started becoming collectible. With exception of the from factory rare and top end ones.
  8. are you oldskool
  9. yah
  10. I wanted to do it but he decided not to, but I am still looking. I would get a manual but my injuries make use a clutch difficult. I can do it, but it is really painful though it has gotten alot better. It sounds dumb, I know, but this why my unit is deploying without me this time.
  11. Well I try not to make long term decisions on short term impulses. But everyone is guilty of doing that so **** it, do what makes you happy.
  12. how did injured? while in action?
  13. No, I fell off of a helicopter last year, I was on top inspecting the main rotor for damage after a hail storm and lost my footing on the ice. It was only about a 15 foot drop but I suffered a spinal chord injury, a broken rib and fractured my left hip. I was going to get on flight orders to be aircrew but this is keeping me from doing it.
  14. that fUcking sucks. definately go with an auto even if it is a crappy 3 speed changing that to a 4 or 5 speed auto is rather easy.

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