TransAm Sucks SOOOO bad

Discussion in '2001 Honda NSX-R Concept' started by Davut, Aug 9, 2002.

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    HEHE, I totally agree with you man.
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    every country has addvantages and disadvantages

    i love the viper an t/a but on the other hand

    i love nsx and supras

    they are all sweet

    no country can take all

    you can get morpheus fron cnet
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from BigWillman</i>
    <b>ok, hahaha, let me tell you guys alittle something about great race cars. the C5R corvette, built by the same people who build the trans am (GM = Genius Mechanics), took first and 4th OVERALL (1, chevy...2, audi...3, audi...4, chevy...where's the mclaren?) in the 24 hours of daytona in the le manns series, above the paltry mclarens, above the audis, above the BMWs, above the Porsches, above everything! well shit, a low tech "not supposed to turn" push-rod V8 powered chevy whipped up on all those oh so technologically advanced european car makers. i'm not saying the mclaren or those other car makers mentioned above are shitty, i'm just rebutting the fact that you people think domestic car makers can't make a good race car. well that shit just proved you wrong didn't it! go back to school.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    GM = Genius Mechanics eh? Generic Motors (heard that somewhere else) sounds more appropriate. Did you know those V8 powered Chevy's have all those dynamic breaking thingies on them (one wheel at a time or something like that)? It HELPS them turn, without them, hah... I'd like to see that race again. Question, was Mclaren even running in that race in the first place? As for going back to school, looks to me like there were some well educated drivers in that race. Any car company can strap a rocket to a piece of metal with wheels, call it a car and make it go, but it all falls on the driver in the end. No amount of technology from heaven could get a baby around a track in any car without it driving on rails. And don't give Transamman's mommy a million dollar budget, if she cranked out another Transmman cuz of you, damn you to hell, we only need one idiot, though two would be an even better laugh.<!-- Signature -->
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    high tech brakeing sys?<!-- Signature -->
  6. Just to get your attention...hehehehe... i don't actually think TransAms are that bad.

    The thing is, Transamman is a retard, I couldn't stress that enough. His talk about TransAm being the car from God and all is total crap. TransAm is not a BAD car, but it not a GOOD car either. In fact, I don't think USA produced anything that's worthy of mentioning, except for Vipers and Corvettes. But even those are linear rockets with a turning radius of about 10 kilometers.

    What he doesn't realize is that horsepower is not everything. I mean, fu&copy;k, look at motorbikes... they've got substantially less horsepower, but almost everyone can beat a the Porsche 962 in 0-60 on a bike... except Transamman of course, he thinks his super-TransAm travels faster than the speed of light

    And the TransAm and Firebird look like fat bastards anyway. Its got so many 'muscles' and 'ridges' it almost looks like the Michelin Man on wheels. And I've been in a TransAm. The car goes fast linearly, of course, but the car behaves like a fu&copylking SUV when trying to turn. Sucks so bad.
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    A TransAm/Camero/Mustang could cost $5000 brand new with 400hp, it could run a 9 second quarter mile stock, it could do better lap times than a Porsche and it would still just be plain ugly and poor quality. And to top it all off, the very day the new model TransAm/Camero/Mustang comes out, you may as well go to the store and pick up a mullet wig, because you just became the biggest piece of trash on your block. Your neighbors make fun of you behind your back, women laugh at you, really you are a sad embarrasment. Buy a Japanese or German car and 10 years from now you'll still be the envy of all.

    Take my word for it, I've driven a 1998 Trans Am and a 2001 Mustang GT and I now drive a 2001 Honda Prelude. Of course the Trans Am and Mustang could kill my Prelude in a race, but I'd take the Prelude any day. I love cars and hence I want to "DRIVE" a car, not "CAPTAIN" a ship. I want a car that looks good inside and out, not sounds loud.
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    im sorry to say this but you are so wrong. you really think that any american car can beat any foreign car. think again buddy, look at the supra you can get 900hp in the thing and dont even tell me that that would lose to a trans-am that supra would blow its doors in. have u ever seen a porsche 911 turbo or 911 gt2 accelerate its it immense. porsches are known for there acceleration and a porsche 911 turbo can smoke a trans am. theres so many cars i could say right now but im not going to bother cause i know your wrong. dont even reply back saying something about Hemi Cudas with 426's in them because i know its a pure quarter mile car and it can run high high 8's and a 9 flat.
    the funny thing is i happen to be young and i know more about cars that a lot of you men.

    now if im wrong about the engine on the hemi dont reply saying that i dont know anything about cars becuase i DO i prolly know more then u. by the way my dad is ferrari and lamborghini mechanic, he can fix any car and hes teachin me how to strip a v12 and replace the piston rings he fried, u try doin that, haha u couldnt v12 are really complicated and have more complications than plain american V8's. I think a Cuda has a 427 or a 426 im not sure
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    Cuda's came with a 426, which was easily modded to make 750HP, and just because it was a muscle car doesn't mean that it was pure drag. That depends on the gear ratios.

    A 427 is what Chevy used on its high performance models such as a
    ZL-1, Copo, or Yenko Camaro.

    Now, take aaaalllll that money you used to mod the Supra and mod the TA, then see who wins. European cars are no contest hands down killers to most any other car on Earth. There are exceptions on both sides tho.

    Whats wrong with plain, so long as it gives more output? I'm guessing you don't really own that 550, your dad does right?
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    Retardsearch..... you forgot saleen, gotta admit the S7 is tight, $375,000 tight, but it shows Americans have a chance
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    Well, of course not ALL American cars are bad. I'm just saying that, with respect to Transamman's opinion, the TransAm and Firebirds are not creations from God. Go read his other posts and see why everyone in this forum is pissed at this user.

    Saleen looks alright... but to me it's too much like a cross between the CLK-GTR and the McLaren F1... if you look at the S7 piece by piece, you could actually point out specific details that are found in the other two cars.

    And besides, NSX is a Sports car, not an Exotic car like Porsches and Ferraris, and they're definitely not Superexotics like the F1, GT1, or CLK-GTR.
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    I saw a video of the 1000+ HP veilside Supra vs. McLaren F1. The supra got slapped like it was no ones business. It was hilarious. the McLaren only have 780 HP, and it still womped the Supra. God i love European Cars
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    JokerDMX im not counting out the fact that argueably the Mclaren is the best car ever built and it woul have been an interesting thing to watch but just remember that the Mclaren has a nice price tag of $1.6million(Australian dollars).

    P.S. Where can I get that video from.<!-- Signature -->
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    Wait? Whats all this American cars are bad? Im not gonna curse anyone out here or make fun of anyone, but I think you all are stereotyping American cars. Im not talking about Trans Ams or those little, cheap Mustangs, because I hate those. Everything you all have said about them has been true. Except for that one guy -Transamman hehe. I am talking about one specifically...The Vette (could you all guess??<IMG SRC=""> THIS AMERICAN car is fast as heck, has a huge past background, and is only, what, 50 grand. 50 grand for 405 horses, not to mention its Japanese-car-like 28!!!! miles to the gallon. Does Porsche make that? I think nkot. Porsches are great cars, if not the best sports cars, but give American cars a chance. At least the Vette. Thats about all they have.
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    Yeah, to the people who talked about the rice burners beating domestics in the drag, yeah thats bullshi*t. look at the fastes 0-60 car on this site. is it rice? oh, yeah its the Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT. And what has the fastest speed? oh yeah, the Corvette Sledgehammer at 254.76 mph. Lets see a honda put out that much speed! American cars all the way!
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    RetardSearch, Giving shit to the cars looks is a bit out there, shit man look at the VW Bubble it sold more cars than any other car in history. If you say that bikes are quick in a line, I think the dodge TT is quicker than the quickest bike 0-60 (I stand to be corrected) which is the R1 which does it in around 2.5-2.6sec... Last thing as im lucky enough to live on the Gold Coast Australia(lol) I get to see the Indy and you know what watching cars like the ferrari and lambo are great but they still get beaten by that car that takes 10km to turn the Viper. BUT!!! they all look pretty filth and so do the women around the track.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from JokerDMX</i>
    <b>I saw a video of the 1000+ HP veilside Supra vs. McLaren F1. The supra got slapped like it was no ones business. It was hilarious. the McLaren only have 780 HP, and it still womped the Supra. God i love European Cars</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hahaha, yeah I saw that video too. The japanese guy in the supra was hilarious... he was practially "screaming" (in typical Japanese-guy high-pitched voice) while the McLaren F1 passes him...hehehe

    If anyone wants this video, just ask <IMG SRC="">
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    retardsearch - i do want that video, it looks pretty good. where is it located at? lemme know.
    ps-your posts have been the best part of my day. glad to know i'm far from alone on this matter.
  19. trying to go back to my old self - not angry

    i have that video. i love how they just keep on going and going, and the supra seems like a stock non turbo the way it gets blown away. hehe. anyway, how come a 1k hp car can be beaten. thats over 200 hp of a difference. thats like another car. i dont understand how that works. like, i know at least a LITTLE about how a car works, but i just dont see. is it the gearing or just the plain ole beautiful engineering of the mclaren?

    just wonderin'
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    Oh, go and download a program called Morpheus or a search for Ferrari F40 in the video category... there should be several files from users of various names but it's the same video. Mine happens to be called Veilside_Supra_vs_Ferrari_F40.mpg.

    And re. buzzbomber's question. It works because, as I have told many other people, cars perform best when there is a good balance between everything including horsepower, aerodynamics, suspension, transmission / gear ratios, even the paint on the car makes a difference (most don't realize the last point... i'll expand on it if anyone wants me to).

    So, you see, the McLaren F1 is a car specifically engineered to go fast. The Veilside Supra, no matter how much hp it has, is still a Supra. Sorta like frying an egg in a cooking pan or frying an egg on a Viper's bonnet after racing... it's about the same temperature, but the effects are different for sure <IMG SRC=""> I mean, tanks have 1500hp engines... but they have high torque low speed because they're engineered like that. <IMG SRC="">

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    I want the video i love supras...that get smoked

    Sorry venting from "the fast and the furious"
    all the kids around town have supras now and the ***** about how because "in the movie" They can beat the living crap out of every car in the world including European cars!! yak yak yak

    im just venting
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    RetardSearch, can you tell me where I get the program and me being inteligent and all,can you explain the paint thing.
    Cheers.<!-- Signature -->
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    RetardSearch, can you tell me where I get the program and me being intelligent and all,can you explain the paint thing.
    Cheers.<!-- Signature -->
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    thanks there RS. thats really the best way to explain it all i guess. its still a supra. and a mclaren is still...awesome
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from JokerDMX</i>
    <b>I saw a video of the 1000+ HP veilside Supra vs. McLaren F1. The supra got slapped like it was no ones business. It was hilarious. the McLaren only have 780 HP, and it still womped the Supra. God i love European Cars</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Yes and thats the diference between a $100000 car (including mods) and a $1.5 Million car (I'm Canadian ig these prices through you a little)

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