Transporting alcohol on planes?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CHEVYRULES, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. well maybe its your English skills that are lacking then. This is what you implied.
  2. You're such a #$%#ing homo, I'd just love to lay into your face.

    stfu, noone likes you.
  3. Burner proves his idiocy ever time he #$%#ing posts. Most recently when he thought a picutre of an F1 transmission was its engine. LOL. that was the funniest shit in a long a time.
  4. ohhhh scary man, you sound tonka tough.
  5. Good, if you were this much of a smartarse to my face, I'd thump the shit out of you.
  6. and how exactly would you do that van damme?
  7. Dude, how can you beat up burner? Have you not seen how fit he is! He's even got 2 chins, he can probably take like 6 upper cuts. And his arms and chest are so cut!!! Plus he doesn't have a neck so it probably helps his thick head stabalize.
  8. It definitely can't be. Seriously, if that's true, it's a little absurd and hypocritical for the NH state government to build an NH State liquor store just a few hundred yards from the Massachusetts border.
  9. clearly not as fit as you John Candy
  10. I know eh! Plus when you put those $133 aviators on you're the epitome of cool! I heard all the chicks just flock to you because of your sexy neckless body and amazingly square head! SO COOL!
  11. its pretty funny that you struggle so hard for an insult you have to grasp at straws, but i can cut straight to the bone (well if i can get around all that fat)
  12. Every day in my job I deal with little retards that think they're hot shit. You act just like one of those stupid tossers.
    You think you're so tough because you've buffed yourself up at the gym, yet you have no scrapping experience whatsoever. You'd be crying for your mother after one day in my job.
    stfu, you are nothing, I would shit all over you. Stupid #$%#ing sissy #%[email protected]
  13. yeah, i must be lying that i go to the gym, i am a pussy, obviously.
  14. I struggle with isnults? True, your insluts are brilliant and sick varying from fat #$%# to dumb fat #$%#.

    You've been owned left and right by just about any and every member tonight. How pathetic.
  15. I never said you lied about going to the gym.
    Yes, you are a pussy, little pansy girl.
  16. I'd put $50 on Worked in a fisty-cuffs.
  17. you are super tough
  18. I'm not claiming to be anything, except that I could beat the shit out of you, because you're such a sissy.
  19. burner's the kinda guy that would sass a samoa and not expect him to do anything, but when the scuffle's over and the samoan's chipped like 3 of burner's teeth and burner's eyebrow is bleeding, he'll try have the last laugh by sassing the unscathed samoan as he walks away victorious. and then try to convince his friends later that night that "you should see the other guy".
  20. i once beat up the rock. True story.
  21. this rock. fairy.
  22. I brought a bottle of wine home from Italy in my carry on when I was 15, with no problems.
  23. Alan lives his live by the rulez.
  24. I could only bring one litre wen flying from Geneva. But thats because the swiss are strange.

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