Tratior to the corperation!!

Discussion in '2001 Cunningham C7 Concept' started by KNUCKLES, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. well i'd say he's a fool to ever betray the chrysler corperation!!
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    hey the man is a genious and who said he's a traitor?
    he could be back at daimler in 5 years for all we know<!-- Signature -->
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    Dont say annything negative about someone who makes a car like the C7. If he'd stayed this would not exist.
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    Traitor or not, this guy shouldn't be under anyone, this guy with this kind of designs, should be at the top of his own corp! With these kind of styles i cant wait to see whats next from this brilliant man!<!-- Signature -->
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    They shouldn't have to be under Chrysler, but they should at least use big Chrysler powerplants, like those in the C4s. Those were V8s though, weren't they? Oh well, as long as it actually does what it's supposed to. I'm sick of all these "old" companies which just took an old name and used it. Bugatti, McLaren, etc. Hardly anybody even knows old McLarens anymore. Old Can-Am McLarens are what defines the breed. So, is Cunningham going to be good, or will he be bad?<!-- Signature -->
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    the difference between those "old" brands you just mentioned is that Bugatti and the other were gobbled up by other companies, but McLaren is still McLaren.<!-- Signature -->
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    Cunningham is still owned by the Cunningham family.

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