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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SmilinGoat, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Seriously. It's beyond huge.
  2. There's FCUK in the USA? For how long?
  3. I got a shirt that say "I'm the best fcuk there is" or some stupid shit like that.
  4. Probably. The t-shirt "Cool as FCUK" cost me $30.

    #$%#ing rip off but I knew my friend would like it and I promised her I'd get her something.
  5. Er? Fcuk is a pretty cheap clothing brand? I wouldnt even say its moderatly expensive.
  6. PLEASE tell me you went to the Imperial War Museum.
  7. $30 for a tshirt is expensive.
  8. There's a FCUK here in Montreal, I would say it is a bit expensive. My GF baught me some cologne and shave gel and it smells pretty good.
  9. its avg. Its not a plain white tshirt, its a double stitched double thickness tshirt, with branding.
  10. Beastin cool place.
  11. I want to buy a shirt with this on it...
  12. Yo P996T, you don't have to show off eh by saying that 30 USD is an average price for a tshirt, because it obviously isn't. I swear to god you're exactly like P996T, but with 200% more chin, and no neck.
  13. i really wouldnt talk about having no neck if i were you fatboy.

    Its not a plain white T, its a designde T shirt, which is built ot a much higher standard. $30 for a designed t-shirt that you can wear out to a club or where ever is avg.
  14. The concept of a designer tshirt is gay. If you're spending that much buy something with a damn collar.
  15. Most t-shirts, so long as they're of a certain quality (like 10$), look the same. A 30$ t-shirt does not look inherently neater than a 15$ one, and thus, is not any more acceptable to wear when going out. This is the truth.
  16. whatever. Its $30, who gives a shit.
  17. no it wasnt nearly as expensive and you made it out to be, sure it was pretty bad when you thought about how much AMERICAN money i was spending, but with 220 pounds i went out for dinner/lunch every single day to pubs indian restraunts and got small gifts for friends and a nice watercolor for myself, then went to every tour/historical area i could think of and still came back with 30 pounds *which i didnt want to do considering i would get screwed changing it back to USD*

    it was a great trip though, cant wait to go to mexico for the first time next year (well ive been there but i was a baby so i dont really count it.)
  18. does $50 buy you much in the us, compared to 30 quid in england?
  19. no it's not. 100 i would say is expensive.
  20. $30 of your parents money, big deal.
  21. $50 gets you more in the US than £30 would get you in England

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