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  1. im driving to the florida everglades (from buffalo, NY) for an ecology class. Ill be there for a week, avoiding alligators and snakes. then im going to new orleans for a few days. then up to chicago, probably topping in memphis. im pretty fluid after getting to new orleans. who's been? whats good to do?

    also, i hate packing
  2. try not getting into a COPS shooting.
  3. whoa, that shyguy is crazy
  4. new orleans is a ghost town. what are you going to do there?
  5. try to give away a cadillac brougham
  6. try to give away a camaro RS
  7. get a picture of you sitting on an alligator
  8. eat burgers
  9. im in miami right now. south beach. i dont like the town or the people or the prices, but the beach and weather are nice. I paid 15 dollars for a drink thinking itd be like 8. lotsa cool cars thoguh. slr, murcie, few ferraris, bentleys, astons.

    evergaldes wer rocktackular. saw all kinds of shit, birds, trees, gators, crocs, walke through knee deep swamps, snorkled at a coral reef with a shark. need to go back there. hittin up new orleans soon. because you all care so much
  10. get a pic of a alligator mouth closing on your head, like joe dirt

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