Trolling Jdkleidon. Good Idea?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by LTWT1X, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Thinkin about making an thread called "A New King is Born. Lingfelter 427 TT destroys Zonda, MC12, Enzo, CGT, Jap Crap GTR at Nring by over 30 sec." in American Car Forums.

    Maybe use infoslash as my source. Good idea? I think Jdkleidon is only person "smart" enough to click on the link. Think it be lots of lulz.
  2. Arguably the most easily trollable member on the entire site.
  3. who are you people?

    who attracted indie members into the real forums again?
  4. u foamin' bro?
  5. Not indie member. Originally came to to learn about cars. Lurked for a little over a year and decided to start posting.
  6. Lurked, but not quite as long as 1 year. I have never made a single post in the Indies.
  7. indi invasion
  8. Honestly i think you're the same person. You're both dumb as **** and can always be found in the same threads
  9. Says the man quoting the first post.
  10. I can do what I want to do, i'm the Boss

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  14. what does troll mean???
  15. ok kid

  16. robby hobby
  17. actually, I sorta agree with that
  18. Jdkleidon posts way and he would enter any thread that said C5 427 TT.
  19. robby hobby isnt real you retards.
  20. Jdkleidon IS a troll you numbskulls.
  21. Not to mention the fact that it would be more rewarding. RH would just post some huge paragraph that took up a whole page and no one would bother to actually read it, whereas Jdkleidon would go on a f*cking rampage.
  22. the two above posts are similar in nature
  23. not the one above the one above this one.

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