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  1. any fishermen in here?
  2. Who are you?
  3. you're queen troll
  4. I'm okay with the good ones, but they're far and few between.
  5. I thought Raging ball did a great job trolling. I was actually amused at how many people he pissed off. Everyone just needs to take a step back to appreciate it, and not get so steamed.
  6. trolls are stupid. hate them.
  7. Clever girl.
  9. i'm still holding out hope that you're a massive troll.
  10. i dont think he is, just like luke isn't one.
  11. lol

    Percentage of trolls is the proverbial 40%. Beautiful.
  12. Nice troll
  13. this thread is hilarious
  14. Luke was a huge troll
  15. Everyone in this thread are trolls.
  16. lol when i first read this post i thought it said "fisting" instead of fishing
  17. he was serious.
  20. The line between stupidity and trolling is sometimes very thin.
  21. My name wasn't mentioned once here. I hate all of you. I can't even get negative attention.
  22. you're all a bunch of niggers
  23. Nailed it
  24. ban

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